Young Stephanie Powers in ‘The Young Sinner’

Chris (Tom Laughlin) and Jenny (Stephanie Powers) from 'The Young Sinner'

How cute is Stephanie Powers!

I may have seen this film before, but I have no memory of it. It’s like seeing a brand new movie from 52 – yes, FIFTY-TWO years ago.

I only have very vague memories. I remember the swimming pool. I remember a go kart by the swimming pool. I remember James Crabe, the cinematographer and the really, really big camera. I remember our white Chevy station wagon (that used to haul camera stuff around). I remember shooting some of the church shots at St. Martin’s in Brentwood (most all of the film was shot in Milwaukee, WI, Dad’s home town). I remember some of the football stuff and how fluffy the grass was. And I remember Stephanie Powers (big 4-year old crush), except I remember her hair much longer. Hmmm…

When was the first time you saw Stephanie Powers?

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  1. I’m not sure of the first time I saw Stephanie Powers. At the moment, I’m watching my favorite episode of ‘Bonanza.” She plays Calamity Jane. She puts Little Joe in the way of Doc Holliday. Then she saves him from Doc Holliday.

    The young Stephanie Powers in “Bonanza,” was the prettiest girl imaginable. After she finally got the mud off her face in “Calamity over the Comstock.” She was also “The Girl From UNCLE.” Another startlingly gorgeous role, by an infinitely beautiful girl. I guess you can tell. In my opinion there has never been a more “adorable” actress than the young, Stephanie Powers. Never!!!

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