Coming Soon! ‘The Young Sinner’

Still frame from Young Sinner (Tom is in center behind woman in light bathing suit)

Tom Laughlin’s second film, Young Sinner, is about to be available again!

We recovered the only surviving elements from the film in our deal with Warner Brothers, and we’ve transferred the film to HD video, and are about to get the sound transferred to digital file. Once complete, we’ll begin restoration on the film to prep it for ‘release’ (on TV, internet, and DVD/Blu-ray).

The film itself looks amazingly good. It survived quite well. And once we’re done with the restoration, it will look stunning, just like the Blu-ray version of Billy Jack we produced (if we do say so ourselves – if you haven’t seen Billy Jack on Blu-ray, you haven’t seen Billy Jack :-))

Above is a screen capture from Young Sinner, where Tom’s character Chris seems to be quite the lady’s man, dating what seems like 3 women at the same time (I can’t tell you for sure; without the soundtrack it’s a little hard to follow). Sharp eyed viewers will notice a young Jim Stacy and an incredibly good looking young William Wellman Jr. in the photo as well.

The film features the screen debut of Stephanie Powers, who looks incredible.

Endless kudos and thanks for this go to brother-in-law Chris Harrington for helping us get this done. It never would have happened without him. He works at Company 3 in Santa Monica, who we owe a deep thank you to for their incredible help in the process of bringing this film back from the dead.

Much more to come…

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  1. my friend & hero till the end

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  2. casper

    william wellman jr=3rd man from left….right?

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  3. julie gardner

    I have been trying to find “The Young Sinner” movie. Thank you so very much for all your hard work in re-storing all the films, especially on DVD. I already have purchased 2 sets of the Billy Jack films, with the Born Loosers. My children love the movies and brag about them to everybody. 12- and 7 ages!!!! I promote the movies verbally every chance I get to friends and kids of this generation. And they have checked them out and watched them, all saying the movies are too awesome. This generation needs to see these movies. It’s very important for these young kids to see the movies. How things were then, and how things can seriously be, (are) still today. As the Legend of Billy Jack states, “Give Peace A Chance”.

    Current score: 2
  4. Michelle

    great idea! Will be a non-expected, almost given-up part to complete my personal puzzle about a star collection. Highly appreciated. I hope it will be successful at all and I’ll stop by for new informations frequently.

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  5. Michael Appel

    It would be great if Tom and Delores could do a commentary track for the DVD.

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  6. Michael Appel

    This is great news! It’ll be great to see it!


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