Vanishing Point? WTF?

What do the films ‘Vanishing Point’ and ‘Billy Jack’ have to do with each other? They were clearly handled by the same promotion people inside Warner Brothers. Which explains how the ‘Vanishing Point’ photo I posted below turned up in the stills from ‘Billy Jack’.

When we took over the Billy Jack films from Warner Brothers, WB shipped us several pallets of materials, including video, film, negatives, soundtracks, photos, etc. In going through all that material, some of which you see here on this website, we come across a lot of stuff. One of them was this odd inclusion amongst the ‘Billy Jack’ material.

It appears to be a still from the movie ‘Vanishing Point’. Why it was included in the stills from ‘Billy Jack’ I don’t know. But here it is.

A still from what seems to be the film 'Vanishing Point' that was mixed into the stills from 'Billy Jack' we recovered from Warner Brothers.

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