Tom’s Totally Terrific Talks

Also part of every promotional circus that visited a town were the appearances. I showed Julie Webb and others making their appearances (everyone usually would not come at the same time in order for there to be many, many, many events for the press to report on, rather than just one big one – smart!). Here Tom Laughlin is making his rounds that almost always included local colleges, audiences, radio stations, newspapers, TV, etc., etc., etc. It never stopped.

Tom speaking was a win-win-win: he’s an incredible speaker – smart, engaging, with new perspectives, the kids and audiences loved him, and he loves to speak.

Tom and promo entourage arriving amidst awaiting college audience.

Tom Laughlin addressing college crowd.

Tom addressing audience assembled at local theater.

I’m fascinated by some of the minor visuals inside these old photos. I’ve included a couple of closeups from the last image in the theater of bits I found interesting:

Young man who may take the 'security' side of his usher duties more seriously than the 'service' aspect; wearing some kind of helmet... just in case.

Previously-owned automobile sales consultant?

Hey kids, this is a reel-to-reel tape recorder! It records sound. It recorded sound really, really good. It was the only way to record sound. But it was big. It was clunky. It was heavy. Let's all say 'thank you' that we don't have to use reel-to-reel recorders anymore.

4 Responses to Tom’s Totally Terrific Talks
  1. casper

    lol helmit! thats the kids hair hahaha

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  2. michele

    Merry Christmas to you and your family !!! 2011 will be the year of Billy Jack!! The 40th anniversary!!! Lets celebrate!!!

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  3. David W. Berryman

    The guy in the checkered coat could play a villian in one of your dad’s movies. He looks the part.

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  4. christina laughlin

    That’s no helmet! Well, I suppose it could be called a hair helmet!

    Current score: 3
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