Tom Laughlin Turns 80! And You Can Be There!

We have a few important events and announcements:

  • We are restoring ALL of Tom Laughlin’s films to glorious 1080p HD
  • We are close to a deal for the films to begin playing on TV again (and could use your help, see below)
  • Tom Laughlin turns 80!


A few years back we undertook a complete restoration of Billy Jack, in conjunction with the LA Film Festival. The result? A glorious new version of a 1970’s classic, complete with incredible new 5.1 soundtrack (available on Blu-ray) and a rapidly sold-out, featured screening at the festival. Based on that success, we at Billy Jack Rights have bitten off even a bigger bite: the restoration of ALL Tom Laughlin’s films. We’re working around the clock. Look for them soon!

Broadcast & Closed Caption Sponsorship Opportunities

One of the reasons we’ve undertaken the above is that we have reached deals with national networks to beging playing Tom’s films. We have much work to do to make the films ready for broadcast, including making the films closed captioned. And here’s where we could use your help. We have put up on eBay auctions for ‘Closed Captions sponsored by…’ credits on each of the films. If you would like to show your support for the films, or have your or your company name permanently connected to some of the most successful independent films in history, now is the chance. (See full details here.)

Tom Laughlin turns 80!

We are preparing to celebrate Tom Laughlin’s milestone 80th birthday, and you can be part of this exclusive event.

This is a private event, by invitation only, but you can get your invite by being the high bidder on any of the above closed-caption auctions (this is for invite ONLY, no travel, no lodging, no transportation is included). If you win any of the above auctions, you will not only have your name (or the name you choose) added to the film you sponsored, but you will immediately be added to the exclusive guest list (to be held in Pacific Palisades, CA on August 20, 2011). If you are a true Billy Jack/Tom Laughlin fan, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay tribute to an independent icon.

 Closed Captioning auctions on eBay ends August 17th!

39 Responses to Tom Laughlin Turns 80! And You Can Be There!
  1. Ron Beau

    Just read of Mr. Laughlin’s passing. My condolences to his family. He left a great legacy, an important and enduring message. I’m so glad he put in the incredibly hard work to make his films and share his talent with all of us. A great American, a hero both on and off the screen. Rest in peace, sir.

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  2. My Best to the family, Take Care of each Other,, Mark Berkowitz my condolences.

    Current score: 3
  3. Spencer McCormack

    Happy belated birthday Tom! My best wishes to you for good health and for your family!

    I couldn’t begin to say in words what you haven’t already seen from your fans. My wife and I truly believe you are the last American icon in this nation. I believe you know how much all your fans love you and your family. All your fans would agree that you have helped shape us all into much better brothers and sisters as one whole family. You are the catalyst for us all to ramain brothers and sisters for the rest of our days.

    Reunion: so how about arranging a cast reunion and invite the public for an open lunch or dinner together? Proceeds can be given to your favorite charities, AND GIVE US ALL an awesome chance to actually see you and family in person. Just a thought of so many many of us to see you and at least shake your hand or just to say hello Billy Jack.

    Thank you for what you have done for me and all of us out here that love you and family forever!

    God bless

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  4. To one of the Badest Ass kicking Dudes that there ever was on film, Your films were something to see alright. When your movies came out that’s all the talk was in school for a long time.Then another one came out and more and more talking how great Mr. Tom Laughlin was and is. No one could touch you Mr. Laughlin on or at the movies. The Badest of the bad. Too cool! And wow awesome memory’s Mr. Laughlin and Thank You and Happy Birthday to you to. “That I have to watch my temper.”

    Current score: 2
  5. Johnny

    I am a billy jack fan i grow up by a res in cali and i am looking for all of the films including born losers so pleas help me out with this thank you from the cherokee john.

    Current score: 2
  6. Years ago when I first viewed these Movies , the “INSPIRATION & VALUES ” that were “Taught ” in these Films will last a Lifetime . . .they have for Me anyway! The Martial Arts . .. you displayed ( Billy Jack alias Tom Laughlin & Delores Taylor were “EPIC” so much so I started practicing , and to this day I still am a Practitioner! Howeverm more importantly were the Life Lessons & Values , you brought before your audience. . .Integrity , Honesty, Motivation, & Standing Up for what one believes , all Lessons which are still with me today! Thank you Tom Laughlin , Delores Taylor and all the Billy Jack Cast! “Second Tin Soldier” PS. I plan on buying some articles from your web sight in the near future , but I was really wondering about the “MUSIC” of the movies . . .is it available? Thank you God Bless! Patrick Eschenfelder!

    Current score: 4
  7. Patches

    Happy Belated Birthday Tom*
    for 2011 & 2012 your just as strong now as you ever have been!
    Everone still loves you & Billy Jack! You are the love of my life! Thank you for the website! We can cherish all your memories. Please allways keep website full of your memories &
    and new updates so we know how your doing & and the family.
    may god give you many more years and God bless you allways!!!
    From my family to yours. With love, patches.

    Current score: 3
    • jennifer rinehart

      i agree… Tom i as i grew too old even to but kept watchinh and turrning away at times on your movies, i ve seriouslly dreamed i had them really sad to wake uop man they d make good scripits anyone want them. sad to wake up,cause well im older too now and still been through enough to know i ve always wished and–prayed for a man like you to marry,YOU are a true hero…………………..*
      doing what one can even if lousy changes arent occurring with all thats needed. I cried so to meet and marry a man like you! back then… i ve kept that silent for all my 56 yrs…. so in real life to just amazing ignore all out downs your great and totally relaxed believable actor, jealousy that the devil in those that dont know Christ love just sooo right on same as the Lord fools put him down too,and are sorry now……………Jennifer to a tru hero strength and tenderness. love to hear any personal word from you, i as family knew was suchhhhhhh a big fan yr after yr, Jennifer

      Current score: 2
  8. jake mulaly

    Happy birthdays, many more years of health and happiness to you and your loved ones. To bad we do not have an icon today of your spirit and vision, as the corruption you voiced in the “Billy Jack” movies I watched last night are so clearly present in the financial crisis we are currently xperiencing today. May a new generation be inspired by these re-relased films to see beyond there own self interested needs

    Current score: 3
  9. It would be great to see a reprint of the LA Times full page ad Tom took out in 1975 after Billy Jack was released about why the critics pan the films the public wants to see. Forever has made an impression on many of us. Great going Tom! And Happy Birthday!

    Current score: 2
  10. Kim Wilson

    Mr. Laughlin, I just wanted to let you know how much I really admire you. I was 13 when I first saw Billy Jack, you were my hero. I love all the movies you have made. I have to say, though Billy Jack and the return of Billy Jack is my favorites. I think you have done so much for others in your life and even when I was 13 I knew that was the kind of person you were. Thank you for the entertainment and I still love watching those movies today. God Bless you and your family. I wish I could know if you got this are not, that would just make me so happy. Always and forever your biggest fan. Kim Wilson

    Current score: 3
  11. Damon Pease

    I hope Mr. Laughlin has a great B-Day and is blessed with everything he wishes.
    I only saw 2 of his Films. The born Losers and Billy Jack,but when I saw how he defended the weak it made want to be like him and be a better person.
    Thank you Mr. Laughlin!!!

    Current score: 1
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM I was 13 yrs. old at a drive-inn in San Antonio , Tx. 1972 when I watched ” The Trial of Billy Jack ” I had not seen Billy Jack yet. But The Trial was soo good I laughed and cried and was soo in love with you . Nowadays they always play “Billy Jack” re-runs but I’ve never have seen “The Trial of Billy Jack” re-runs? Why??? Have a good 80th Love ya Karen from Texas>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Current score: 1
  13. Nadine

    Hello yes I have ordered the collection of Billy Jack and I was to get a shirt 3x and i ordered the cds but nothing never came its been a while also i had a ticket for his new movie and i have not seen it either would u let me know whats going on thanks. Nadine Keen

    Current score: 1
  14. Big Daddy

    I loved your movies when I saw them as a kid.
    I got saved in college and, as a NATURAL result became a WONDERFUL conservative republican.

    So my political views are very different than they were in the 70’s.

    For example, I OPPOSE gay marriage 100% and can’t wait to see Barack Obama NOT get re-elected.

    Nonetheless, these are STILL great films. Well, Billy Jack is at least. Never saw the sequels back then and only bits and pieces contemporaneously.

    Billy Jack is one of the FIVE ALL time great movie heroes.

    There are sooo many great lines –

    I really wish you would
    And then I’m gonna kill you. Just.Like.That.
    C’mon Bernard – You get to choose
    etc etc etc

    Can’t wait to see it fully restored (esp the sound) in HD on Cable.

    You guys are doing the EXACT right thing. Letting your dad continue on with his dream of creating a new Billy Jack (irrespective or whether or not that ever happens) whilst you shrewdly and wisely market the existing film inventory.

    I’m shocked at how many people, including left wingers, mock and deride this film.

    They have ABSOLUTELY no idea how seminal it truly was.

    And, I’m speaking purely in terms of content. The other stuff about pioneering distribution etc are too much inside baseball for me.

    God Bless You!


    Current score: 1
  15. linn

    i went to the show to watch the first ”billy jack ” movie and i still love it today…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM”’ GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR AWESOME WIFE—SMART TOO!!—–my best gift to you is my vote should you ever run for president. in GOD’S strength always.

    Current score: 1
  16. Edward Emmell

    Your movies always keep you young. A happy birthday for 81years. For 2012

    Current score: 3
    • The Trial of Billy Jack my favorite movie ever and can definitely tell you where I was and who I was with>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Current score: 0
  17. Lana

    HAppy Happy Belaited Birthday Tom, Enjoy your Fantastic Big Birthday bash! Wish I could be there! But am here in spirit. Have a Happy Happy Time! Lana

    Current score: 2
  18. Jim "Moose" Brown

    I’m just now finding this website….Billy Jack was the greatest movie of all time! It was a great time in my life and Billy Jack helped shaped my character and outlook on life…

    Best wishes to the family,


    Current score: 3
    • linn

      me too—i just discovered it today because i watched ”billy jack” on tv and i wanted to know how tom and delores were doing today—-surprise—–i got his site.

      Current score: 1
  19. russ

    i want to attend 1 of your schools just kidn would love to see you back on the big screen, if you ever make it to chattanooga tn look me up

    Current score: 2
  20. Happy Birthday Tom.
    There will only ever be one true fighter for the cause.
    Many have tried but cannot compete. It has to come from the human spirit and you believe in yourself.
    We thank you for all of your contributions to the big screen and being such a great humanitarian. We need Billy Jack!
    On screen, off screen you typify what all of us strive for in marriage and you are a great roll model.
    In your honor it will be a Billy Jack week at the homefront and we will watch all of your movies.
    God Bless and Happy Bithday

    Michael C. Branigan

    Current score: 4
  21. Michael Brewington

    Dear Tom,
    I have loved your movies forever, wishing you a wonderful
    80th birthday, one of your biggest fans. All the best to all
    of yours!

    Current score: 3
  22. Linda Kay Gross

    Although I am too late to be able to win a chance to attend the Birthday Gala, I already won, back in 1971, when I was 13, growing up in Ohio, and discovered “Billy Jack”…my best friend and I went every day for at least a month, and to this day I STILL know every line in the film…it was a magical time in my life, and your film was a huge catalyst in my wanting to become an actress…WHO WOULDN’T want to have been one of those kids??? I know I did!! When my family and I moved to Tucson in 1977, Prescott was my first destination..I cannot count the number of times we went up there to reinact scenes at the Palace, at Kendell’s Ice cream shop, and the Courthouse- then to Montezuma Castle, and back home here, where the other scenes from “TOBJ” were shot…the memories that remain in my heart, the Native spirit that grounds me, and the career in film I have carved out, all come from those dreams ‘Billy Jack” brought with it in 1971..I LOVE watching it every chance I get..thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU for what you have given me, and to all the people who cherish the franchise as well…we are all better people for experiencing that time, and to have had the guidance of our “Hero”…you will ALWAYS be our Hero, and we love you for that!!!!Happy Belated Birthday!!! ;o)

    Current score: 9
  23. Em

    a belated Happy Birthday to Tom Laughlin and adding what is probably the strangest thank you of all time . . .

    Tom and Dolores – i discovered you folks just 3 years ago and, being your contemporary, you have helped me cope with and accept the inevitability of aging as you two are doing so quite gracefully – “really”

    Current score: 4
  24. Happy belated birthday, Tom! Your movies had and still has today a tremendous impact in my life and I can never in my wildest dreams, thank you and your wonderful wife for the great work in your films. I dearly adore your films and watch them on a VERY REGULAR basis. I learned so much from those films and the messages they spoke of to me. I believe at 54, I’ve become a more spiritually rounded individual(not religious) and have also learned to be much more accepting of different people(more so than before). My views on life is have changed dramatically due in large part of the messages I tried to interpret from Born Losers, Billy Jack, and The Trial of Billy Jack. Thank you so very much for opening up my eyes to the possibilities in life and how to tap those possibilities! You and Delores are incredible human beings! Thank you for everything, Sweetheart. Again, Happy Belated Birthday and many more in the future! Many Blessings to you and yours, my friend!!!!!

    Current score: 7
  25. Jan Steinberg

    I completely lived for these movies. Tom Laughlin was and is a hero of mine. Thank you for this web site I would not have found it if not for viewing the movie today. Happy Birthday Mr. Laughlin

    Current score: 4
  26. Tom

    I wish you the best on your 80th birthday,i’ve seen all the Billy Jack movies,you were an inspiration and a hero for me growing-up,if you have another release of your movies,please let me know,i would love to purchase them,i’ve been trying to get the Billy Jack series for years! Thanks for being the inspiration in my life you have been!

    Current score: 3
  27. ron snow

    I have never loss the love, admiration, and excitment for the billy jack series; including born losers movie; I was very much influenced by the attitude & moral compass of Tom Laughlin
    and have great respect for all those involved in the writing and producing of the series; Peace be with you all!

    Current score: 6
  28. carol

    A lot of my words came out wrong and part of my sentence left out sorry cell phones for u if there is a way to make all this wright please let me know
    Thanks Carol

    Current score: 1
  29. carol

    Good for to happy belated birthday .
    I know that Billy Jack once had a ranch in California when he and his wide helped kids I am by far not rich or no where near there was a csr wreck a long time ago a drunk driver my da nerd to keep going to therpysyughter was in a coma 14 months and my son then 3 now 25 went into a world of his own he a good young man buy with issues he to is a passive person but has no self esteem he doesnt need to keep going to therphy he needs to go to the ranch he would find him self there he would become what he is ment to b Billy Jack and his wife r built on truth and only the truth can set u free maybe u can help me help him if so let me k.ow
    Thanks Carol

    Current score: 6
  30. Wayne

    I just had a “Billy Jack” movie day. They are as good now as they were when I first saw them. Just awesome. Tom I hope you have a great Birthday and enjoy it. I have to say I did have a crush on Teresa back then. You all have a great day. And thank you for making the great films.

    Current score: 2
  31. julie gardner

    Tom, I sent eariler to you a Happy 80th Birthday letter to you. Perhaps you have it or not, but anyway, still wanted to wish you a wonderful be-lated birthday!!!!! I myself am 48 years old, and have two beautiful children ages 12 and 7. Both have watched all the movies, and the you-tube pieces. Both my children think you are so “epic”. That means very excellent now a days. The films meant so much back in that era as well as this era. My children have told all the kids at school and the pool to watch Billy Jack, ect. Very meaningful. You and your wife did exactly what you wanted to do. Change or make the world see things in a better way and do something about it. God Bless you Tom, and your family. Also, the films totally are for this era as well. More bias and lude remarks as well as for certain races. History repeats itself, I do see. Your films NEED TO BE RE-RELEASED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!! All our love to you all, Julie Gardner and Family in Kansas City

    Current score: 5
  32. michele

    Happy Birthday Tom !!! Just celebrated your birthday watching all four Billy Jack movies with a friend that has never seen them ,she was amazed and now you have a new fan!!! Best wishes !!!

    Current score: 6
  33. John Kaiser

    A belated Happy Birthday Tom! Enjoy the big bash, you deserve it.

    Current score: 2
  34. I can’t afford to travel out west, but would it be possible for you to set up some type of post where your father’s fans could post birthday wishes that could be printed out and given to him? I love your parents ethics and morals, and they have been so influential on my life…I know I am one of many…and would like to thank them- I guess I would like them to know that they will live on not just in films, but in the lives of the folks they have influenced.


    Current score: 13
  35. Wishing tom one of the greatest actor”s a blessed BIRTH DAY.

    James Andrew

    Current score: 2
    • Maria Paz

      Dear Tom as a teen I saw all The Billy Jack movies with my Dad ( he passed 7 yrs ago) we both love you. I came from Cuba in 1969 as a 10 years old and my Love for The American Indians was more sealed with your films, Thank You . My Dads last name means PEACE in English a name that I have always loved for its meaning..Congrats on showing your films again just finished watching Billy Jack thanks for the memories of My Dad and I watching them always together through the years….
      Wishing you a Happy Bday in August 2013 I’m a bit early but didn’t want to miss the opportunity..Wishing you Paz always to you and you Family…Love & Peace….Maria

      Current score: 3
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