Tom’s ‘Delinquency’ Was Caught on Film

When Tom and Delores came to Hollywood, they didn’t know anyone. Didn’t know how the film business worked. Didn’t know much of anything but that they were going to do everything they could to get themselves in a position to make ‘Billy Jack’.

Tom worked as an actor in movies and on classic TV shows like Playhouse 90. At one point he got a leading role in a film to be shot in St. Louis, Missouri. The film was going to be direct by a young, first time feature director who had been shooting a lot of industrials in the midwest. His name was Robert Altman. The film was about kids getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and sliding down the slippery slopes and turning into ‘Delinquents’. Tom played the ‘good’ kid that goes bad, and takes his girlfriend with him. (This is what I’ve been told. I’ve never seen the film, but remain hopeful.)

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  1. I’ve seen the film and LOVED it. I also recently saw “The Young Sinner” on Netflix. Both films were very well done, although I would have to say that I enjoyed The Young Sinner the most, as he was the leading role throughout the film, plus he wrote the script. I’m a HUGE fan of his writing style. I highly recommend that other fans check out TYS; it’s on Netflix currently, and I’m not sure how long they will have it showing there, as they periodically swap pictures. It’s an excellent movie and depicts, once again, Tom’s truly amazing acting abilities. The film opens with the young man, Chris (Tom), in a Catholic church, cussing God out, blaming the Lord for his recent girlfriend and boyhood troubles. The film ends, shadowing its opening… and in between, the story takes us back and forth between how his troubles began and how they concluded.

    And throughout, Tom shines. The man was a true talent and genius; I will miss him.

    Mary Jo, Twin Cities, MN

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  2. casper

    the delinquents! i love that movie! i remember having to sneek around parents to take girlfriends on dates too.

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  3. Eugene

    Loving all these photos, thanks so much for sharing them.

    One small note: The Delinquents was shot in Kansas City, not St. Louis. Sorry to be a nitpicker….

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  4. Michael Appel

    Frank — I’ll send you a VHS of The Delinquents.

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