The World Goes Karate Crazy

TC Laughlin taking down Vickie Sosa. Prescott, AZ 1969

People around ‘Billy Jack‘ went karate crazy – trademark pending – even before ‘Billy Jack’ hit theaters. It happened on the set. Everyone was pestering Master Bong Soo Han to ‘show them something’, which the very kind, gentle, and patient teacher would. They would then go to EVERYONE else on the set and use their newfound mastery of the martial arts to take each other town. It was an epidemic, as you’ll see in the photo below with TC and Susan.

You have to remember, NO ONE had seen any real karate at this point in time. Sure it existed. Sure it’s been around forever. But not in the west. This was four years before Bruce Lee and ‘Enter the Dragon‘ would explode the revolution; years before ‘Kung Fu‘; years before ANY of the karate hitting the mainstream. (Many credit ‘Billy Jack‘ with truly launching karate in the West.) This was like a new magic no one had ever seen, and everyone was showing each other their new ‘tricks’.

Susan Sosa (Sunshine) takes on Stan Rice (Martin) while TC looks on. Can you tell what's about to happen? Prescott, AZ 1969

TC (Carol) attempts to take down David Roya (Bernard) while Geo Anne Sosa, Vickie Sosa, and Susan Sosa look on. Prescott, AZ 1969

Finally, a fair fight. Susan Sosa (Sunshine) and TC Laughlin (Carol) demonstrate conflicting new karate moves on each other. It seems during this moment, Susan's move worked better -- which, I'm sure, didn't sit well with TC. Prescott, AZ 1969

The cause of all this karate? The Master Bong Soo Han, pictured here with Susan Sosa (Sunshine) and David Roya (Bernard). Prescott, AZ 1969

5 Responses to The World Goes Karate Crazy
  1. jake mulaly

    never saw the 2nd or 3rd movies and only saw the first on TV in Highschool. It must have had an impact because I studied Hapkido through a senior student of BonSooHan for 3years.

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  2. casper

    lol looks like carol and sunshine are tryin to steal bernerd’s shoe! haha cute.

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  3. Samantha

    I figured that by the last name. I knew of susan and geo anne of course but didn’t know of Vickie, nice to know the little tidbits of movies.

    Current score: 1
  4. Samantha

    somebody’s gotta take down Bernard.

    I know who Geo Anne sosa and Susan Sosa is but who is Vickie Sosa? was she in the movie?

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    • admin

      They are all sisters. Vickie was in the movie as an extra. She may have had more of a role than that, but not of what remains in the film.

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