TC (Teresa) at Last!

First, Teresa Kelly, aka Teresa Laughlin, aka TC Laughlin, will heretofore be referred to by her given name (given by her brother, me…): TC. How’d that come to be? I was three when she was born Teresa Laughlin. Being not the sharpest pencil in the box (boys develop speech slower than girls, and never catch up, but that’s another story…) I couldn’t pronounce ‘Teresa’. Way too complicated. But I could do, ‘Treesee’, which I promptly shortened – for emergency procedural reasons – to ‘Teesee’. The name stuck. She has been known at TC ever since. (I later used to think I was acronyming her for ‘Top Cat’, which she clearly was, but the timing for the cartoon character created after her just doesn’t work out.)

Second, there have been precious few pictures of TC to share from the first box of pictures I culled from. I’ve moved on to box 2 (out of about 10), and immediately saw a fun picture of TC sitting on the edge of the sacred dance pit in New Mexico, which I am posting immediately. TC is sitting next to the woman that was the standin/stunt double for our mom, Delores. Lined up behind them the famous reflectors I often manned against desert winds. Mad crazy holding-reflector-skills have I.

Third, this new box is filled with color slides, just so you can prepare yourself. :-)

TC (Teresa Laughlin), who played Carol, sitting on the edge of the pit where indians dance after Billy Jack's vision from snake bite.

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  1. Hi Frank and TC, Christina, too:
    I am a HUGE BJ fan since 1974/75 when I first saw The Trial of Billy Jack, that’s when my hometown theater began re-running the original BJ too, after The Trial had such a long run. My niece Theresa and I went to the Trial so many times, we began memorizing the lines, particularly all the cool lines, such as, “He’s a big one Jase, about 6’5″.” “Jason, I didn’t know you boys piled ‘it’ that high.” (Such HILARIOUS lines!) Your folks sure wrote truly “classic” lines! There are so many memories to be learned from their wisdom– “Billy, please, we haven’t crossed over that thin veil yet but if you kill Bernard, you’ll be doing just as they wanted, can’t you see that?” and then BJ goes into how the Kennedy’s had been killed and JFK, etc. (Such truths in those lines.) I loved how they sort of gathered the scripts’ dialog once heeding the chief’s (Indian spirit’s) wisdom… IE: listening with open ear to the Chief’s advice. They truly amazed me and I adored both your folks, so much so that I’ve lived my life, followed their advice throughout my lifetime (taking it to heart), and for that I thank them. They’ve taught us all truly amazing values to live our lives by. I feel that Billy Jack was not only a “friend” but I consider him like a “brother” to his fan-base. I would also like to thank your mother for her part in the making and distribution these truly classic pictures. I will forever adore and miss your father, Tom. May he rest and peace, and my prayers are with your entire family in this great time of lose. HUGS go out to all of you.
    Much love, Mary Jo, Twin Cities, MN.

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  2. Great Picture! Does TC still play guitar & sing?

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  3. Greetings — just wanted to tell you how much I loved your father as an actor — Billy Jack was the first movie I ever saw in a drive in theater in Ashevillle, N.C. My brother had learned the song “One Tin Soldier” on the piano, and your dad’s photo, of course, was on the front of the sheet music. So he really wanted to see the movie (which I think came out before there was a serious rating system). Anyway, so, my mother took us to see it in our old Buick — I must have been about 7 years old at the time, but vividly remember watching the movie. Now, an expressway goes through the land where the drive in used to be — was the Starlight Drive In. As soon as VHS came out, got my own copy and, now, retain a DVD that I watch and share with others and try to explain what a hell of a movie it is . . . some get it.Anyway, I was very sad to hear of your father’s passing. I do not really have favorite actors, but I loved him very much because of that movie. He really made a positive and important impression of strong values on a very young little guy.

    Also, I loved your character, as well, in the movie — what a beautiful, sincere, convincing little girl you played, and such a beautiful voice singing in the cafeteria. Honestly, until just now (looking at this web page), I did not know it was you, his daughter.

    Best, and my sincere condolences on your loss,
    Ed Ledford

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  4. Fred DeBell

    To the entire Laughlin Family, my condolences. I enjoyed your father’s acting and I cherished the Billy Jack role. Thank you for sharing him with us.

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  5. stephen epler

    Hello t.c. I can remember everyevent from those movies ur family did from way back when. I’m 47 going on 50(LOL) yrs of age. Well I remember when u did the Trial & loved it so much that it took me almost 20yrs to find it on VHS tape b4 I could find it on DVD & collected the whole series. U grew up to be a beautiful daughter of Tom & Delorious(ur parents) that I would love to meet u sometime down the road. I’m from Hummelstown Pa. & I have always had an open mind w/ ppl no matter wat their ethnic background are. I would love to hear back from you in my email whenever u can. Its I hope to hear from u soon. & Happy Birthday Delorious & T.C. & i hope its a good day for you.

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  6. Thom

    To Robbie, the original “Witch Mountain” movies starred Kim Richards, who does bear a resemblance to Teresa Laughlin. She was in a couple “Witch Mountain” movies, “Tuff Turf”, and a few other movies including a cameo in “Race to Witch Mountain” as the waitress in the restaurant who helps them get away. She also starred in a sitcom called “Hello Larry” with McLean Stevenson; it was a good and funny show.

    To Robin, the song title is “Johnnie”, and Johnnie goes off to war tomorrow. I like the movie version better than the soundtrack version. You can see (hear) both versions on youtube.

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  7. cyndy

    This may sound crazy but 1 of my first memory of a movie is Born Losers in a drive in with my parents my husband says it’s “not age apporpiate” I was only about 6 @ the time. By the time I was 13 I had seen all the Billy Jack movies. I just watched Billy Jack goes to Washington on EPIXDRIVIN as a matter of fact in the past month I have wathed all 3 of the latter Billy Jack movies & ordered the complete Billy jack blue ray box set off of amazon.Thank you to the entire Laughlan family for remining us that we all can make a change & our voices do hold power all you have to is belive. Bless ya’ll

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  8. Sheena Davidson

    Well,TC you did a great job with your role as Carol.your family put together a very nice project series.I envy the Billy Jack,myself I’m Chickasaw & black foot Indian…I can very well say I was very deeply touched by it…..God Bless You & Your Family! !!!!

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  9. Danny

    My only memories of you are of you in the Billy Jack Flicks. I hope that you are well and life has been good to you. I have been curious, since you had such an impact on me as a teenager, what path your life took and how you’ve ended up. I know it’s non of my business but I went looking any way to see how you are. I found this sight so I’m just leaving you this in hopes of hearing from you. I hope that you are well and I enjoyed every scene you were in. Take care!!

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  10. I first saw Billy Jack when I was 12. I soon read everything I could on MyLai, Kent State even land termination. I learned about me, my inner shadow and even today when I start to feel frustrated or anxious, I watch the movies and recite the serenity prayer. Thank you all for being a hero to me when I needed one most in my life. I did have a Billy Jack hat :) I found a black hat in Amish country and crafted my own beaded headband. So sorry I no longer have it. Thank you so much for always being there. Wish your parents well for me. With much love and respect, Shannon

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  11. casper

    aaaaw! such a little doll she was! so cute. i love how she smiles, shes got a very contagious smile that i know just had to have lit up the room and prolly still does to this day!

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  12. Robbie

    I’m 43 years old and could hardly ever come up with a “hero” when people used to ask “who is your childhood hero”, except for Billy Jack. I was way young when I first saw “Billy Jack”, but I had NEVER seen the entire movie until last month when I saw it on Showtime, I think. Never totally understood the movie. Now, I’ve seen “The Trial…” AND “Billy Goes to Washing…” and some years ago saw one with the short haired girl that he rescues from “bikers”. Anyway,I had no idea he/they(you?)was such an activist and kinda “anti-establishment”. Not enough room here for me to finish. Before I knew, I knew that you were his daughter though, but didn’t know til now that Delores was your mother.I’m driving my family CRAZY tying to watch all the movies now. Had no idea there were several… I always wondered why y’all never did more movies, but think I know now… Take care.I have no idea if your parents are still alive even, gonna try to search all that out. I’ll shutup

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    • Robbie

      Billy Jack is the reason I wanted a .30-.30 Rifle soooo bad. Then got one and taught myself how to cock it like he did. He is the rerason I bought a blue jean jacket and I REALLY wanted one of those hats!!!! Man!!! I sound and feel silly about all this, however, the truth is he was “THE MAN!!!” in my opinion.You were a cutie TC. Were you ever in any other movies?? I always thought you were in the original “Return to Witch Mountain” ??Maybe??

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  13. Marita Kameroff

    I love the movie of Billy Jack. My husband and I went to blockbuster the other night and was so excited when we found the dvd of Billy Jack and later the Trial of Billy Jack. Then he wanted to listen to the comentary of the movie and we both were excited that TC was the daughter of the star casts. She is so beautiful and we both encouraged our kids (young adults) to watch your movie that we hold in our hearts.

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  14. Robin

    My sister and I are 55 and 56 now and we are such huge fans of the Billy Jack movies. I can’t tell you how many times we went to the theatres to see the movie(s). We loved the cast (had crushes on Tom) but we were young teens and were so happy when we found out that he and your mom were actually a couple. I was searching the internet to see if I could buy the soundtrack (yes in June 2011 we still love and sing the songs from the original movie). I found the soundtrack with a lot of the great songs, but it does not list the song that TC sang (not sure of the title) “Joe’s going off to the war tomorrow”… She was so cute and talented – didn’t know she was their daughter until years later. Anyway I am so excited to find this site. I would love to see the movie make a comeback. I also hope your family is happy and well. You brought such joy to us!

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  15. Tim Feehan

    I must say that I relate completely to what Stuart said.
    I’m a big fan, had the big crush and saw the movies in the theater and am very happy to own the box set! Thank you, T.C.

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  16. Samantha

    I love the behind the scenes shots

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  17. Stuart

    Hello tc, am a big fan, had a big crush on you for many years after seeing Billy Jack and trail of.. was extreamly happy to be able to buy the dvd box set of all four B.J. movies.. love them..

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  18. TC Laughlin

    Hmmmm. I look far more pensive than I remember being…

    These are great, Frank!

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    • admin

      You’re pretty intensely pensive. :-) Click on ‘TC’ in the TAG cloud to see more…

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    • Scott

      WOW..It’s been a long time Teresa remember when we when’t behind the movie screen at EastGate Theater back in 72′ LOL I wish Just kidding but what a treat to meet you back then am shure you don’t remember me but you did give me your address and i did get a letter from you….Memory’s O the Memory’s and to get to see you sing Johnnie WOW now that was Cool……
      Hay if you have time give me a Hi back…Scott

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