Taylor Laughlin Wedding Party

The (entire) wedding attendance for Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor's wedding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 16, 1954

Okay… I got a couple of inquiries about how small ‘small’ was when I described Tom and Delores’ wedding. This is it. The wedding party AND the wedding guests. All in this one picture. Big church, seven people.

From left to right: Betty Pfieffle, Dick Deerwalt, Delores Taylor, Tom Laughlin, Larry Coles, Tom’s sister Eulaine Koeppen. Not pictured is Eulaine’s husband, Robert Koeppen (not sure why he wasn’t included in the photo).

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  1. Lawerence Coles

    I had never seen this pic before. That’s my Dad Larry Coles. Him and Tom were lifelong buddies. He was the only one who tried to contact me when my Dad was on his death bed. I didn’t make it to see him but thank you for trying Tom. I have all the respect in the world for you. You were the only guy my Dad ever trusted and you tried many times to bring me and my Dad back together. You were right buddy I ended up just like him. PS. He also taught me my first kick and at 50 I’m still kicking and training. I Love Tom.

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  2. Kay

    Thank you for this. I met Tom a few times along time ago. My mother was Eulaine’s best friend, and my mom died last year.

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  3. VERY,Very, very cute shot. Thanks for sharing this, Frank! Love it!

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  4. casper

    1954-the year before the birth of rOcK N rOLL!

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  5. What a wonderful wedding picture! Two bright smiles, like kindred spirits that time can never change… Love is touching souls.

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