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‘Billy Jack Goes to Washington’ Tidbits

Some interesting notes about ‘Billy Jack Goes to Washington’: It was produced by the son of the director of the original ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ starring Jimmy Stewart, Frank Capra, Jr. Kathy Cronkite, daughter of famed TV newsman, Walter Cronkite, appeared in …

Pat O’Brien on Senate Set in ‘Washington’


Tweet Pat O’Brien was a childhood idol of Tom’s. Pat’s performance in ‘Knute Rockne All American’ made Tom a life-long football fan and admirer. Tom and Delores ended up buying the house Pat O’Brien built in Brentwood, CA, and Tom was thrilled when Pat agreed to play a cameo in ‘Billy Jack Goes to Washington’….

Suzanne Somers (not) in ‘Washington’

The effervescent Suzanne Somers was in on the shooting of ‘Billy Jack Goes to Washington’ (here with Sam Wanamaker as Bailey) in a lavish party scene that only made the final cut in very small bits. Unfortunately, none of those bits included…