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Billy Jack Re-Release Shocker… All-Time Box Office Champ?!?

If you add together the initial $32.5M with the $60M from the re-release, you realize by the end of 1973, Billy Jack had made $92,500,000, which made it — I still can’t believe this — the highest grossing film in motion picture history!

Original TV Commercials – Town Council Meeting

For those of you that don’t know, the main undercurrent of ‘Billy Jack’ is the hostility between the rather conservative town and The Freedom School, run on a nearby Indian reservation. The town doesn’t like the ways or ‘hippies’ at the school, and after a violent fight in town between Posner’s cowboys and Billy Jack, the town council holds a meeting on how to…

Out-of-Control Town Council Original TV Commercial

Another one of the original TV commercials created for the re-release of ‘Billy Jack’ in 1973. We have 8 of these and will get them all posted here soon…

Original TV Commercial – ‘The Hug’