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Billy Jack is Coming Back!

Tweet To TV that is… Showtime in the U.S. (and Astral in Canada) are about to begin the first airings of the Billy Jack movies in almost a decade. We’re very excited to have the films back in ‘circulation’. In addition, it’s the first time any of the films other than ‘Billy Jack’ will be…

Tom Laughlin Turns 80! And You Can Be There!

Tweet We have a few important events and announcements: We are restoring ALL of Tom Laughlin’s films to glorious 1080p HD We are close to a deal for the films to begin playing on TV again (and could use your help, see below) Tom Laughlin turns 80! Restoration A few years back we undertook a…

‘The Young Sinner’ Stars of Tomorrow

Do you recognize the incredible child performers in this clip from Tom Laughlin’s early film, ‘The Young Sinner’? One of them would go on to star in the ‘Billy Jack’ movies, singing songs and being wonderful. The other would

Young Stephanie Powers in ‘The Young Sinner’

How cute is Stephanie Powers? I may have seen this film before, but I have no memory of it. It’s like seeing a brand new movie from 52 – yes, FIFTY-TWO years ago.

‘Young Sinner’ Prelim Box Art

It is still very early in the production process, we still have a lot of work to do restoring the picture and sound, but I couldn’t resist putting together some preliminary cover art. Our preliminary restoration work suggest the picture is going to polish up beautifully.

Coming Soon! ‘The Young Sinner’

Tweet Tom Laughlin’s second film, Young Sinner, is about to be available again! We recovered the only surviving elements from the film in our deal with Warner Brothers, and we’ve transferred the film to HD video, and are about to get the sound transferred to digital file. Once complete, we’ll begin restoration on the film…

Pat O’Brien in Billy Jack Goes to Washington

One of Tom’s heroes growing up was Knute Rockne as portrayed on screen by Pat O’Brien, so Pat became a double hero. In 1971 Tom and Delores bought a house in Brentwood, CA, that had been…

Billy Jack Goes to Washington: Grand Canyon Shoot

Billy Jack Goes to Washington is an updated remake of the Frank Capra classic Mr Smith Goes to Washington, with James Stewart. Most of the film takes place in Washinton, D.C., but there are early scenes in the film that are set in the typical Billy Jack setting of the Southwest. In this scene…

Tom’s Totally Terrific Talks

Also part of every promotional circus that visited a town were the appearances. I showed Julie Webb and others making their appearances (everyone usually would not come at the same time in order for there to be many, many, many events for the press to report on, rather than just one big one – smart!). Here Tom Laughlin is making his rounds that almost always included local colleges, audiences, radio stations, newspapers, TV, etc., etc., etc. It never stopped.

The ‘Billy Jack Show’

The shots below are from what would be probably one of the world’s first infomercials, a show selling Billy Jack. As you can see from the ‘BJ’ hanging on the wall, this was the Billy Jack show (I don’t know actually what it was called, but it was expressly to promote the film and nothing else). Tom’s group arranged for the stage, hired the…