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Frank ‘Stars’ in Billy Jack (+ 14yo combover)

I’m asked a lot why I wasn’t in the ‘Billy Jack’. I have to explain a) I didn’t want to be (at which point people look at me like I’m from Mars), and b) I was in the film (kind of). While I don’t appear in the film in any way that the audience would recognize as me, I do appear frequently as the star and hero, Billy Jack.

TC (Teresa) at Last!

First, Teresa Kelly, aka Teresa Laughlin, aka TC Laughlin, will heretofore be referred to by her given name (given by her brother, me…): TC. How’d that come to be? I was three when she was born…

‘Billy Jack Goes to Washington’ Tidbits

Some interesting notes about ‘Billy Jack Goes to Washington’: It was produced by the son of the director of the original ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ starring Jimmy Stewart, Frank Capra, Jr. Kathy Cronkite, daughter of famed TV newsman, Walter Cronkite, appeared in …