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The World Goes Karate Crazy

People around ‘Billy Jack’ went karate crazy – trademark pending – even before ‘Billy Jack’ hit theaters. It happened on the set. Everyone was pestering Master Bong Soo Han to ‘show them something’, which…

Dance Rehearsal for Billy Jack

These shots are from a dance rehearsal for the sequence in the film where the school puts on a show for the townspeople. (It is hinted at when the members of the town council come out to the Freedom School and suggest the school put on a show for the whole town to see.) But, alas, the show never happened.

Video on YouTube! Now Posting!!

Great news! In addition to the photos that get posted every day here on BillyJackRights.com, we’ve begun posting video too. We’ve set up an account on YouTube and will post at least one video a week. You can watch them on YouTube, or right here on our site. The first video is…