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‘Billy Jack’ Soundtrack Lust Poll

Tweet I’ve heard from a few ardent Billy Jack fans that they simply MUST HAVE the new, DTS HD-Master restored soundtrack (by our good friends at MiCasa Multimedia) or the world will end for them as they know it. While we certainly don’t doubt anyone’s sincerity, we’d like a bit bigger sampling. So we’ve created…

‘Billy Jack’ Recording Session


Tweet The soundtrack for the search of the school, and the freedom bus is recorded in Los Angeles. Groups of singers are bunched together to have on-screen and off-screen sound. Gwen Smith (Angela) is solo on a mike for her impressive vocals in both scenes. The session is being filmed, but I don’t have any…

‘One Tin Soldier’ Single


Tweet ‘Billy Jack’ was such a low-budget film, and was so not expected to succeed, that no record company wanted to release the soundtrack to the film. But when Tom re-released the film in 1973 he pioneered TV advertising and tagged each TV spot with a snippet of Jinx Dawson’s incredible version of ‘One Tin…

Scoring ‘Trial’


Tweet An interoffice memo re the scheduling change for the 1974 scoring session (music recording) for the ‘Trial of Billy Jack’ with Academy Award-winning composer Elmer Bernstein. The session was held on the Warner Brothers lot and was clearly rescheduled to September 19th, according to Tom.