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TC (Teresa) at Last!

First, Teresa Kelly, aka Teresa Laughlin, aka TC Laughlin, will heretofore be referred to by her given name (given by her brother, me…): TC. How’d that come to be? I was three when she was born…

Delores Taylor & Andy Vidovich watch ‘Ghost Dance’

Andy Vidovich and Delores watching the ceremonial dance in 'Billy Jack'

Tweet Unbeknown to Tom as he wrote ‘Billy Jack’, there was a significant amount of Ghost Religion perspective interwoven into the story. Tom later learned of the Ghost Religion and its creator, Wovoka (Jack Wilson, also known as Jack Willy… Willy Jack… think about it for a moment…), a Northern Paiute religious leader. (A ‘militarized’…

Rolling Thunder Connection


Tweet There were many spiritual connections leading up to and during the making of ‘Billy Jack’. One of those connections was John Pope, also known as Rolling Thunder. My memory is that he lived Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley. How he and Tom connected, I don’t remember. But Rolling Thunder became the ‘consultant’…

Dennis Banks Visits ‘Trial’ Shoot


Tweet Dennis Banks knocks back a couple of Sugar-Free Dr. Peppers and Shasta sodas with Tom Laughlin in his trailer during the shooting of ‘Trial of Billy Jack’ in Arizona. (Historical Fun: Notice the old-style pull-tab soda cans, with tabs that actually pulled off the much-thicker-than-today, rolled cans of yesteryear.)