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Billy Jack Day, Kansas City (part 3)

Leading up to the premiere in each city, was the same Billy Jack circus: karate demonstrations, live bands, and the girls holding the cards that spelled B-I-L-L-Y-J-A-C-K. Below the circus is staged out front of the Glenwood Theaters outside Kansas City, Kansas. The picture on the bottom shows some of the incredible turnout.

The Girls of Billy Jack, in Arizona Hotel

The cast of ‘Billy Jack’ was mostly made up of people that had either never acted before, or who had only worked a bit. There were very few seasoned veterans in the film.

In this picture, which I believe is from …

‘Billy Jack’ Promo Girls

Hats, T-shirts, posters... the onslaught of the re-release of 'Billy Jack' in 1973 was so massive NO ONE didn't know the movie was playing in town.

Tweet The rerelease of ‘Billy Jack’ in 1973, after a long legal battle with Warner Bros., was unlike any film release before it. It included massive local radio, TV, print, and lots and lots of pretty, young girls in Billy Jack-themed garb. No one didn’t know ‘Billy Jack’ was coming to town as it rolled…