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Tom in ‘Senior Prom’ Clips

Paul Talbot posted some great info on the film ‘Senior Prom’ from Friday’s post. And, equally as great, provided a link to a short clip of Tom in the film. Here it is:

Tom’s ‘Delinquency’ Was Caught on Film

Tom worked as an actor in movies and on classic TV shows like Playhouse 90. At one point he got a leading role in a film to be shot in St. Louis, Missouri. The film was going to be direct by a young, first time feature director who had been shooting a lot of industrials in the midwest. His name was Robert Altman…

‘The Proper Time’ for the Pool


Tweet Tom Laughlin’s film career took a zig-zag course. He came to Hollywood in 1955 and although struggled at first, gained some footing and began getting regular jobs in TV and in films like ‘Tea and Sympathy’, ‘Lafayette Escadrille’, ‘South Pacific’, and ‘Gidget’ (as Loverboy). Tom studied the craft and made his first film, ‘The…