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Dance Rehearsal for Billy Jack

These shots are from a dance rehearsal for the sequence in the film where the school puts on a show for the townspeople. (It is hinted at when the members of the town council come out to the Freedom School and suggest the school put on a show for the whole town to see.) But, alas, the show never happened.

Ghost Dance in The Pit

After Billy is bitten by the snake – and (spoiler alert) lives – he comes back to pass along the message he received in the vision following the bite. Billy talks of reaching through the ‘thin veil’ that separates the material world from the spirit world. What Tom didn’t know when he created and scripted ‘Billy Jack’ were the incredible…

TC (Teresa) at Last!

First, Teresa Kelly, aka Teresa Laughlin, aka TC Laughlin, will heretofore be referred to by her given name (given by her brother, me…): TC. How’d that come to be? I was three when she was born…