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Showman of the Year 1976

Sporting his foppish Master Gunfighter haircut and beard (and a sweet velour poncho) Tom Laughlin is in Kansas City to accept the Showman of the Year award in 1976.

Chris Wants Camera Time

Christina, my sister, and the youngest of the Laughlin clan, was born August 1, 1969. ‘Billy Jack’ began filming late Fall, 1969 (I haven’t pegged the date yet, because I haven’t been able to look at all the outtakes — yes, I have the outtakes.) Regardless of the exact date, there are two amazing facts: 1) Delores was in incredible shape for a woman that had just had a child a few months before, and…

Beatles-Like Cincinnati, OH Runway Reception


Tweet Tom and Delores (Billy Jack and Jean) are interviewed as they land in Cincinnati, OH, for a regional ‘premiere’ of ‘Billy Jack’ during the 1973 re-release of the film. (‘Billy Jack’ was originally released by WB in 1971.) Their daughters Teresa Laughlin (Carol in the film), and Christina (the one being held) are in…