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New Official Christina, TC, Frank Photo

In going through thousands of photos, I came across this silly snapshot gem I just love. It’s of TC, Christina, and me sitting in a motorhome in the Arizona desert during the filming of Trial of Billy Jack. TC was…

Trial of Billy Jack Snapshots

The first is the furniture repossession scene that takes place in a mall parking lot. Tom is on the crane lining up the shot with Jack Marta, the cinematographer AND, if you look close Christina – which explains why Delores (back to us in the hat) is paying such close attention.

Massive Equipment Fleet of ‘Billy Jack’

If you live where they shoot a lot of movies, you’ve seen the invasion of vehicles that swarm in support. Endless tractor trailers, honeywagons (mobile dressing rooms), catering trucks, equipment fleet, cast and crew transport cars and buses, even mobile editorial suites. They pretty much block out the sun (or the entire street). But not when you’re…