Snake-clad Bellydancer from BJGW

Don’t ask. I don’t know.

The first cut of Billy Jack Goes to Washington was well over 3 hours long. Well over. There were tons and tons of scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Included among them was a snake-wearing bellydancer dancing outdoors, in front of what looks like a Washington-like office building, for what seem to be cowboys. But this was so long ago, and I don’t have an original script, so I’m not really sure why or  where. If forced, I’d guess it was part of the Billy-Jack-arrives-in-Washington stuff that seemed to go on for days, and is pictured below. I will have to make a note to ask Tom someday. If you know any more, let us in on it.

Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin), Jean (Delores Taylor), and Entourage arrive in Washington (or at a parade), greeted by Saunders (Lucy Arnaz)

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  1. casper

    belly dancers are beautiful! …ah, i hate when poor carol gets clouted by that hick who tried to burn the bus..poor carol really takes a whuppin in that one-punched, shot, then shot some more..i almost cried-i had to suck it back into my eye ball.

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  2. Samantha

    yup I remember them mentioning Cathy Cronkite when I watched trial of billy jack the first time. I loved hearing the commentary on all four movies, Mr laughlin and Mrs Taylor still sound the same after all these years. My fave by far is Howard Hessemen (sp) from billy jack he’s so hilarious and he basically did the same character as he was in cincinatti. I’m a movie buff I love the behind the scenes stuff.

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  3. Samantha

    I love that second picture of billy, saunders, jean, carol, barbara and I think that’s lynn in the corner beside carol? and russel in the background?

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    • admin

      Beside Carol (TC Laughlin) is Cathy Cronkite, daughter of Walter.

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  4. Michael Appel

    If you look in the background of the Belly Dancer photo, behind the dancer, in the white shirt is Julie Webb, who of course was Barb in Billy Jack.

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