Sexy Dancer in Mess Hall

I don’t know what this scene was. It didn’t make the final film. I wasn’t there when it was shot. (I was in the Sheriff’s car all day taking care of Christina.) But for the Billy Jack history buffs among you, belly dancers, binkinis, or women in skimpy something-or-others always seemed to be a part of Billy Jack movies. Unfortunately, this one didn’t make the final cut.

I did see the outtakes of this scene (yes, we have ALL the outtakes and will use many of them in the documentary and for extra features). I can tell you that several of the men who were watching this display did a very good job pretending like they were watching this young woman with ‘interest’.

These publicity photo came from bags that had ‘KILLED’ scribbled on them, meaning the advertising team wanted to use them but someone gave them the bad news that this scene wasn’t in the film. I do like the caption they created for one of the images.

This scene that didn't make the final film was during the police search of the Freedom School, and the singing protest by the kids.

One of the 'killed' publicity photos that was ready to go in the press kit.

the typed caption that was going to be typeset then photographically reproduced with these images.

The ad group had selected several of these photos for use in the press kit. The only scene I've seen that had more than one representative photo. Why do you suppose that was?

5 Responses to Sexy Dancer in Mess Hall
  1. Samantha

    seeing Posner and the sheriff in the scenes it almost looks like the scene where Posner and the deputy wanted to know where Barbara was taken to by Billy jack, the only trouble is as far I see in the scene there is no table.

    Current score: 0
  2. casper

    my but thats a short skirt! legs and go go boots are one a my fave things about this period!

    Current score: 0
  3. Samantha

    yeesh I thought my mind was failing me, too bad they didn’t make it in the movie, they look interesting.

    Current score: 1
  4. David W. Berryman

    You would have thought that girl would have brought a smile to even old Posner’s face!

    Current score: 2
  5. christina laughlin

    And to think I got in trouble when my skirts were too short…

    Current score: 5
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