One Tin Soldier Rides Away – Billy’s Sacrifice

The culmination of the film. Billy sacrifices himself the Jean and the kids, choosing to negotiate his surrender rather than go out in his preferred warrior blaze of glory. The kids, in appreciation of all Billy has done, all he’s sacrificed, and how honorable he’s been, stand and salute their hero as he is led away. (This was shot on a ranch that catered to film shoots outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the Spring of 1970.)

Jinx Dawson sings ‘One Tin Soldier‘. Jinx was the lead singer of the band Coven, but recorded this mind-blowing vocal on her own. In my memory she had a lot of concern over singing the song. One reason was back in those days a band was a band. All for one, one for all. Jinx was very apprehensive about stepping outside the band. Another reason is the song itself. Coven was a rock band, and had been a very witchcraft oriented band. Kind of a double whammy. ‘One Tin Soldier’ had been released before Jinx sang this version. It was NOT rock and roll. The arrangement wasn’t rock and roll. I think to Jinx it felt like selling out. And, in those days, selling out was the kiss of death. Lastly, I seem to remember Mundell Lowe, the composer, working with Jinx to build her confidence that she could do it. OTS is a very hard song to sing, I’ve since learned. Jinx and Coven used to record in the dark of night after much ‘partying’. The idea of being in a recording studio in the daytime, with classically trained musicians, composers, arrangers, etc., may have been a bit unsettling for a child of the rock and roll night.

My memory is it took a bit of work, of getting used to it, of settling in, of being pushed to go for it, and then Jinx NAILED this all-time classic version of the song that no one – NO ONE – has ever come close to equaling. IMHO, Jinx owns this song. It’s hers. Wrap it up and put it away. Great job, Jinx. And thank you for taking the risk!

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  1. casper

    jynx’s solo version on this soundtrack is the ABSOLUTE BEST the song has EVER sounded-she sings it so passionately, even better than with her own band, coven. she musta really pushed herself to the limit, NO ONE has ever sang it better.

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  2. Jinx is a facebook friend and a passionate gifted artist, she will always hold the title as fasr as I am concerned , much respect JINX*

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    • admin


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  3. It is always interesting to me how this film “still” causes such a stir on many levels, perhaps it is the unsettling awareness of our unique” American Dream”, that a fictional character like Billy Jack, could dare to do what politicians promise but never deliver… Because Freedom is only as real as the heart dictates, and in the most noble of all causes… the heart directs itself… This was Billy’s Legacy to my generation… Geo Anne Sosa <3

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