New Official Christina, TC, Frank Photo

TC Laughlin (guitar), Christina Laughlin (carrot), Frank Laughlin (hair)

In going through thousands of photos, I came across this silly snapshot gem I just love.

It’s of TC, Christina, and me sitting in a motorhome in the Arizona desert during the filming of Trial of Billy Jack. TC was, I believe, playing a new song she had written, I was listening (I’ve always been an expert listener), and Christina was eating a carrot. Busy, happy, productive. What I love is it’s the three of us being productive – singing, eating, and growing hair everywhere (me) – together. See… siblings CAN get along. :-)

I like this photo so much I’m making it our official ‘About Us’ photo on the About Us page. Let me know what you think.

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  1. casper

    another treat! very beautiful, family hanging out like that. i have an older sister, but shes 8 years older and stoppd paying attention to me once i hit puberty and wasnt her cute baby brother anymore, just a gangly teen with bare feet. so i admire your family, even tho im just a lil jealous. :) may God give you people everything you want in life, just as youve made so many people happy yourselves.

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  2. Susan Hero

    I have followed your dad’s work on Jungian Psychology and dream interpretation. If I had one wish it would be to speak to your Father for one hour. Really!! I am from Minneapolis and I would be on a flight out of here ASAP!! Why is this brilliant man not teaching the world and sharing what he knows. Instead we have Dr. Phil and celebrity rehab shows. The Housewives of Beverly Hills. Come on people. You hold the power to change your life through Jungian Psychology and dream analysis. I have people ask me all the time, “how do you stay so balanced and focused”? Because I solve my problems and don’t carry around problems like extra weight!! I was pre-law in 1977 and quickly found out that money talks and poverty goes to jail. We recess for the Judge to catch a game of golf. I couldn’t stomach it and wasn’t shy about sharing my feelings. I don’t recall the exact quote in the Billy Jack movie, but his character was correct about finding a place where the law was the same for everyone and when the law doesn’t apply to the people who enforce it, there is no law. Mr. Laughlin was way ahead of his time and that scared the hell out of people I,m sure. O.J. Simpson is a prime example of buying his way out of murdering two people, but as the saying goes, stupid is as stupid does and look where O.J. is now. He got away with murder and couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag. We have the tools to rid at least some of the world of the next batterer, and the next Nicole Brown. Why isn’t this message getting out there. Why don’t people want to do the work. I take my hat off, no pun intended, to Tom Laughlin. Just so you know I am a well rounded human being, how in the world did the women of Minneapolis let you get away???You’re still as handsome as ever with a really fantastic brain. How can I help, what can I do to get people excited about this? I pray that somehow this finds it’s way to my Hero, Tom Laughlin. Peace be with you always.

    Sue Hero (yes, that really is my last name)

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  3. Samantha

    I have twin sisters whose birthday is today dec 2nd, and it always amazes me when I see pictures of siblings getting along, I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers and there are times we fight so I like seeing nice sibling pictures.

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  4. michele

    I just wanted to say how fun it is to get such great behind the scenes pictures and events that were going on for your family at the time you were filming.I was just thinking about the Billy Jack films and bought the first one, then I remembered they never show The Trial of Billy Jack so I bought the 35th ann. edition and OMG Billy Jack Goes to Washington is fantastic!!! My friend and I tried so hard to come to California for the showing of Billy Jack in July at the theater with your parents there but we live in Chicago and when we found out we couldn’t drive there fast enough! Meeting your parents is on our bucket list! Do they do that every year?
    Do your parents travel because we have a theater in the Chicago land area called Hollywood Boulevard that has the actors come and do a meet and greet and then show their movies.
    Chicago would love to see Billy Jack!!!

    Thanks for this Great Website I hope we get to meet you all!!
    Take Care

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    • admin

      Thank you, Michele. Very appreciative of your wonderful comments.

      Unfortunately the featured spot in the LA Film Festival last year was a one-off, sold out event (but they actually held it over to a second night because of demand). We are working towards trying to do all we can to get our folks the recognition they deserve, screenings included. However, we don’t have any plans now. Stay tuned to this website and/or signup for our mailing list to be kept up to date in case that changes (which we hope it does). Thanks again for your enthusiasm and your support.

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  5. Interesting photos here in that TC of course had written a number of songs and I remember the first time I heard her song, Look, Look To The Mountain So Green, and practicing Johnny Died Last Friday… which she wrote as well and of course the famous scene in Trial of Billy Jack where she helped little Danny sing, I saw 3 ships come sailing in on Christmas Day, which would later play a profound moment in Trial’s history ,when the National Guard lays siege against the students ending in tragedy so much like Kent State. Miss Chrissy was a moppet, all dimples and rosy cheeks with the unmistakeable Lauglin smile, I also remember her trying to pick up the huge family cat at your home named Simi? This is a wonderful photo indeed and since you also play guitar, I wonder why you did not join in the fun? I believe you had an Ovation.

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    • admin

      I thought I had a poor memory, but with each post you prove I have a horrible memory compared to yours. Yes, cat was named Cimi (for Cimion), guitar was Ovation, and no, I didn’t play, I plinked.

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  6. Mark Mooney

    It must be a great to have those memories documented from that time. I lived in Joplin MO around that time, and remember when we took family vacations to California to visit my grandparents I would get my dad to drive through those towns where Billy Jack was filmed just to actually see some of the sites from the film.

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    • admin

      One of our desires is to make a doc about the locations used in the films. Some of them I’ve visited. Most I haven’t been back to since the films were shot almost 40 years ago.

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