Massive Equipment Fleet of ‘Billy Jack’

If you live where they shoot a lot of movies, you’ve seen the invasion of vehicles that swarm in support. Endless tractor trailers, honeywagons (mobile dressing rooms), catering trucks, equipment fleet, cast and crew transport cars and buses, even mobile editorial suites. They pretty much block out the sun. But not when you’re making an independent film. And not when you’re on location in Arizona (where you have to pay for hotel rooms and per diem for everyone who’s come along). You are running lean and mean… and as fast as you friggin’ can. Such was the case on ‘Billy Jack’ in the fall of 1969 in and around Prescott, Arizona.

The trucks you see here were the entire fleet. There were additional ‘cars’, but as far as trucks and equipment and everything used to make the film: you’re looking at it. The fancy lift gates (not every truck had them in those days) were a real life saving luxury. The crew kept them at half mast like this so they could run and two-jump into the back of the truck for the bit everyone was waiting anxiously on the set for.

I believe this was taken during the shooting of the horse coral scene, where the wild stallions are rounded up.

The massive fleet of equipment vehicles on 'Billy Jack'

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  1. Morning Star Pope

    One of those vans was given to my father, Rolling Thunder, for the camp he called Meta Tantay, located in Carlin Nevada. It got plenty of use and lots of stares.

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  2. casper

    see, i always say simplicity is best, and alotta times, less is more!

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