The Young Sinner
Today’s youth and the terrifying tightrope they walk between love and lonliness

  • film debut of Stefanie Powers
  • starring: Tom Laughlin, Stefanie Powers, William Wellman
  • Score by jazz great Shelly Manne

In this realistic, non-exploitative drama, a high school athlete confesses his life story to a priest. The story is told in flashback. First he is seen as a top football player hoping for a scholarship so he can go to school and get away from his alcoholic father and his hard-working mother. The trouble begins when he is caught swimming in the school pool after hours and put on probation. Though he is love with one girl, he dates another, more wealthy girl. The affair goes well until they are caught in bed by her parents. Later he is falsely accused of participating in a robbery and gets expelled. The lonely youth then takes a 14-year-old slut to a secret hiding place in the church for a quick liaison. But he cannot go through with it because he is disgusted with himself. Instead he goes to confession. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

== FILM SPECS ====
FORMAT: B&W 1.85:1
RELEASED BY: Laurel Films
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