The Master Gunfighter
The world’s fastest gun… backed by his samurai sword. He fought like an army, and lived like a legend

  • film debut of Barbara Carrera
  • starring: Tom Laughlin, Ron O’Neil (Superfly), Lincoln Kilpatrick
  • Score by legendary Lalo Schifrin (Rush Hour, Mission: Impossible)
  • Golden Globe Winner: Best Debut, Barbara Carrera
  • Sidney Potier called it one of the most beautiful westerns ever filmed

It’s Northern California in 1836. Gunfighters and Spanish Dons rule the land, but the U.S. government is squeezing the Dons with taxes in order to steal their land. The powerful Don Santiago (Richard Angarola – Papillon) plans to steal a shipment of government gold in order to pay, but in order to accomplish the theft an innocent village of coastal indians must be massacred.
The Master Gunfighter (Tom Laughlin – Billy Jack) must overcome all odds to defeat Santiago and his powerful son Paulo (Ron O’Neal – Superfly) and all the powerful haciendo forces of the Santiago family to save the tribe. Barbara Carrera (Embryo, Never Say Never Again) stars as the gunfighter’s devoted wife, Eula, torn between the love for her husband and her brother Paulo.
Described by many as one of the most beautiful westerns ever produced, the film is a rare father-son partnership with Tom starring, producing, and writing, and son Frank, directing.

== FILM SPECS ====
FORMAT: Color 2.35:1 Panavision
RELEASED BY: Warner Bros.
== NOTES: ====
Exteriors filmed on location in Monterrey, Big Sur, and Lompoc, California