Delores Taylor Marries Tom Laughlin

Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor wedding photo. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 16, 1954

Not specifically a Billy Jack-related event, but none of the films would have happened if Delores Taylor hadn’t met Tom Laughlin at the University of South Dakota at Vermillion. They were married on October 16, 1954, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a church with just a few friends and family present. Very few. Tom was working at a dairy as a deliveryman, Delores was working at Taylor Electric (no releation) as a graphic artist. Between them they could just afford the rent, but they would go on to move to Los Angeles (in a borrowed car) and make Billy Jack some 15 years later.

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  1. nancy stevenson armstrong

    The world has lost treasre one of the greatest men to walk the earth

    Current score: 12
  2. Jacob Gonzales

    I was only 13 when the movie came out and I never have forgot it what a loss my prayers are with him and his family rest in peace billy god love you amen Jacob Gonzales San Antonio,Texas

    Current score: 7
  3. Billy Jean

    I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I loved Billy Jack so much, I named my 6 kids after Billy Jack. There is Bill Jackson, Billy Jacket, Billy Jackhammer, Billy Jack o Lantern, Billy Action Jackson, and Billy Jean Jean. Get’s confusing sometimes, but I don’t care. Great movie.

    Current score: 6
  4. Dave Jay

    I remember the Billy Jack movies. Very cool. Clint Eastwood probably got a few tips from this genre. What I didn’t know, was that Tom Laughlin went to Marquette U. My father was a Professor in the Business school. He taught economics and I think History. You couldn’t miss him at 6’6. He was a good teacher, from what I was told by students that had his classes. A tribute to a marriage, and your still married, Good for you both, and God bless you both. Dave MU”85″

    Current score: 10
  5. Treva Wells

    Love the info about their early years. I was so excited when I learned that both attended U of South Dakota in Vermillion, where I spent 3 years and earned my Master of Art in literature. I love the Billy Jack and own all four on DVD.

    Current score: 5
  6. Ronnie

    Was introduced to Billy Jack movies back in 1971. I own the full Billy Jack box set. In fact, I just finished watching “The trial of Billy Jack” Amazing!

    Did you know that Carol “the one who worked with the little boy” is Tom and Delores’s daughter? I think her name is Teresa Kelly!

    Billy, Jean, you struck a chord in our hearts that will never be forgotten. God bless you both!

    You both are truly an American legend!


    Current score: 9
  7. Ana

    Loved all the movies and saw the collection today and had to buy it Saw all of them tonight. Billy jack will always remind me of my childhood and how easily we are ignorant of what tragedy is going on in our own country.

    Current score: 9
  8. Melinda Rhodes

    I happened to we watching late night and saw a few minutes of Born Losers which I had never seen before but, I had seen other Billy Jack in my teenage years….boy did it bring me back…thank you. Seeing the old movie made me curious to see where you had gone and was pleased to see how available you still are….I watched some of your….both of your youtube videos. Im in perfect agreement with the Mitt Romney one….empathy is an absolute must…and tolerance also. Wonderful wedding photo and it is splendid that you are married since 1954! My congratulations. Grace and Peace~ Melinda Rhodes

    Current score: 7
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  10. Peggy Ellis

    I was in high school when I first watched the movie “Billy Jack”. I loved it!! I watch it every chance I get. In fact; yesterday, a friend of mine came over and “Billy Jack” was on TV. She had never seen it, so I got the DVD out so she could see it from the beginning. Much respect goes out to Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor. They have shown everyone that you can make marriage last. If you love eachother and are willing to work at it. Nothing comes easy; especially marriage. People today, jump into marriage too quickly and then when things get a little rough, they call it quits. God Bless You and may you continue to have many more happy years together.

    Current score: 5
  11. Mary Warpula

    You are both 2 beautiful people…God bless you both.

    Current score: 5
  12. Richard

    You bring back yesterday and great memories when i watch your movies

    Current score: 4
  13. Roland

    Billy Jack has to be the best movie ever.
    a movie with meaning in life and we have to
    move and have peace love and care for who we are.
    Stand up for what you believe in.
    i love the music, One tin soldier.
    I wish that they will make movies that had meaning to
    them like the good time movies.


    I`m 48 years old. I have a little girl that is 7 year old and she going to be 8 years old. She had cancer two times in her life.
    She a fighter like billy jack. My little girl is an angel.
    I love my little girl with all my heart and soul and all my mite.
    She happy and doing good now. I wish that me and my little girl can meet Tom Laughlin and Delores taylor. That would be a dream come true. Thank you for a great movies that you guys have made.
    Still the best BILLY JACK. That movie thouch my heart still and evertime i watch it, it like the frist time evertime.

    God bless always

    Current score: 4
  14. I love this shot! You can tell how much in love they were. This shot reminds me of one of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth. Rita is another of my fave actresses. Notice any resemblance of the two couples, this shot alongside this one (see link below) of Rita and Orson? Frank, Question for you! Are your folks fans of either Orson or Rita? Just curious, as I personally think that Rita and your mom are two of the ONLY actresses worthwhile looking up to, for amazingly awesome acting abilities, while managing to perform without the “sleeve effect” how many actresses of today are known to do.

    Mary Jo in Minnesota (a lifelong fan of Tom and Delores),%20Rita/Annex/Annex%20-%20Hayworth,%20Rita%20(Lady%20From%20Shanghai,%20The)_11.jpg

    Current score: 4
  15. casper

    trippy-allen sloan boyd said exactly what i was gunna say! ha yep that IS one good lookin’ couple!

    Current score: 3

    Current score: 4
  17. Allen Sloan Boyd

    Now that’s one good looking couple. God Bless you guys.

    Current score: 4
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