David Roya (Bernard Posner)

Every hero needs a villain, or two. Luke had Darth. Indy had Belloq. Clark, Lex. Billy had Posner. Two of them, Stewart and Bernard.

David Roya played Bernard Posner to perfection. His portrayal was sympathetic and scary. You didn’t really know which way this character was going to go, until he went there. I didn’t know much about David, but found some interesting articles online. One at Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict in an article titled The Man Who Made Billy Jack Go Berserk: A Conversation with David Roya, had a lot of interesting stuff I didn’t know.

Billy Jack wouldn’t have been Billy Jack without David’s great performance. Thanks, David!

David Roya in the Freedom School mess hall during the search of the school by the Sheriff

David Roya on the 'Billy Jack' set near Santa Fe, New Mexico

David Roya on the 'Billy Jack' set near Santa Fe, New Mexico

6 Responses to David Roya (Bernard Posner)
  1. Samantha

    I need to come here more often I had no idea someone replied to a comment and that someone is related to Mr Roya. Mark of a real good actor that can do bad in one movie and good in another movie kinda like the late Mr Hagman.

    Current score: 1
  2. casper

    lol i like how billy jack and jean always pronounce bernard as BER-NERD, and i laughed with glee to hear that they still call him BER-NERD in the commentary! haha i once knew a bernard and he got so sick of me calling him BER-NERD, he told me to jus call him bernie instead! haha look what you did, billy jack and jean!

    Current score: 2
  3. anthony

    Mr. Roya did an incredible job! -“Dinosaur, get me some of that flour over there”

    Current score: 0
  4. Samantha

    not sure about how mr roya is but bernard was a big huge jerk, I would have loved to kick him one for the stuff he pulled in Billy Jack, especially in the jeep with miss false eyelashes hehe.

    Current score: 2
    • Amber

      LOL- well Samantha, my daddy (Also known as David Roya) is probably the nicest person you would ever meet- but he does portray a jerk pretty well,but that’s just cause he’s a great actor! 😉

      Current score: 23
  5. Bernard Posner was also the name of a feared Chicago Syndicate enforcer and hitman. He looked like a slightly larger model of “Fat Clemeza” in the film The Godfather.

    Current score: 1
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