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Starting next Monday, September 20, 2010 (at 12:00am) you can submit your story of what ‘Billy Jack’ meant to you or someone you know. The story that gets the most votes each week will win a brand new copy of ‘Billy Jack’ on Blu-ray, and be entered into the year-end contest to pick the top 3 stories, which will be included in the Billy Jack documentary*.

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  • CONTEST START: Monday, September 20, 2010
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  • HOW TO WIN: The story which receives the most votes between Monday 12:00a and Sunday at 11:59p of each week is the winner for that week.
  • WHAT YOU WIN: Each weekly winner receives a brand new copy of ‘Billy Jack’ on Blu-ray, and is entered into the year-end contest to pick the top 3 stories.

It’s really easy to get started: just post your story in the comment section below, and see how many votes you get. Yes, friends and family and co-workers can vote, but everyone is limited to one vote per story. No one can vote for a story more than once. (We don’t want anyone clicking the ‘vote’ button a million times.)

*In case you haven’t noticed elsewhere on the site, we’re producing a documentary about the making of ‘Billy Jack’, and the insane story behind how it came to be. Part of the documentary will feature folks who saw the movie, and their stories of how the film impacted them. In order to begin the process of gathering those stories, we’re running a contest here on the site. To enter, simply post your story in the comment section below.


  2. Billy Jack Rights, LLC., reserves the right to select stories that do not win a weekly or year-end contest. So we will be reading all the submissions. Just because you don’t get the most votes doesn’t mean your story is out.
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  2. I’m not sure why but this blog is loading extremely slow
    for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on
    my end? I’ll check bachk later on and see if the problem still exists.

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  3. steve proctor

    I remember watching Billy Jack for the first time, I was 12 years old, I sat in the theatre & watched it 2 times in a row, then I came back & watched it 2 more. I remember when it came back around (movies don’t do that anymore) I went to see it again & of course sat through it twice! (I don’t think they even let you sit & watch a movie twice anymore) I loved the charactor (I loved reading about American Indians even before seeing the movie)I saw it so many times I pretty much had the lines down & even the fight scenes, which we reenacted with my friends. I found the book at a local store & of course read it over & over, then I found the soundtrack, saved my money & bought it. I got into martial arts because of BJ (I am a blackbelt instructor at a local martial arts school)I also followed Bong Soo Han, I still have a copy of his book. (Sad to hear of his passing as well) I collected magazines with anything about BJ in them, I saw every movie in the local theatre except for BJ Goes To Washington. I felt like BJ stood for the people who could not stand for themselves & stood up to a government that would rule over the people (More so today than even then) I even saw The Master Gunfight in a local theatre which most people do not even mention when talking about Tom, so many memories that I have shared with my son, he has watched all the movies with me (He is 17 now), I personally do not think they should remake it, I think they would destroy what Tom envisioned & it would not be the same or as good. But whatever is decided i will support by going to see, also looking forward to a book about his life that is in more detail. I just wish I could have met him in person, Tom (Billy Jack) you will be missed, but you will live on in your work & all that you accomplished & not just BJ movies.

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  4. JD Di Giacomo

    As a child growing up amidst the civil rights movement, I was taught the Establishment line that things were just fine in the USA & those who were seeking change were nothing more than rabble-rousers. Watching Billy Jack opened my eyes & changed my way of thinking in 2 key ways:
    1) I learned of the plight of ‘Indians’ in America. I grew up learning the stereotypes & feeling like the end justified the means in taking Indian lands. I never saw that attitude as hateful until it was portrayed vividly in the movie. I began to research & listen to alternative views enough to realize the great injustices that have taken place. I am sympathetic now, to say the least. Mainstream America still needs to change its attitude.
    2) Biting truths that threaten the Establishment can be addressed through humor very effectively. Laughter open the heart & gets the right side of the brain into operation. Eventually the left brain ctches up.
    Thanks for the courage it took to stand for justice. My deepest sympathies to the family & friends of this true pioneer for their loss. In many ways, it is a loss for us all.

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  5. Danica Criss

    I have been inspired by the movie ” Billy Jack ” to stand up for what is right , regardless of the challenges involved! I have opened my eyes to see the way individual people interact with others , and see where they could be educated , and maybe they could change their way of seeing people. I can relate to Billy Jack in more ways then , anyone can imagine ! I do experience my share of ignorance daily , being 2spirit!

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  6. Daniel Heartfire

    Didn’t come upon the billy jack movies until I was in my thirties. Grew up in a backwards mill town called Oshkosh, WI. It wasn’t really terrible but way too conservative a place for me and still is. Grew up inspired by other movies with some of the same values like The Karate Kid and Star Wars. I would say that my brother(now dead) was my Billy Jack. He was 4 years older and we teased each other mercilessly but loved being together. He was just a different spirit than most people. I remember walking home from school one day and being attacked by a dirtbag with a sharp stick who kept jamming that stick into me hard. He was several years older and a lot bigger than my brother and I. My brother was walking with a friend of his about 40 yards ahead. What I can remember was screaming and being afraid this scumwad would kill me. Then I remember being shoved down and out of the way and as I was lying on my back, I saw my brother kick this big dirtbag with a roundhouse kick so hard the kid literally seemed to fly a couple feet back into
    some thorn bushes behind us. The kid tried to get up but my brother drop kicked him in the face, which ended the fight. I remember my brother standing up for me like that a few times. I was a very shy kid who would get picked on mercilessly by some older kids who were just savages. This was not normal bullying. I could have been seriously hurt or worse a couple times. My brother was kind of a guru for me later in life until he died about 4 years ago. His knowledge on spirituality was awesome and he furthered my understanding of the spiritual life and about just life in general. I remember later in life I was being threatened by a couple of flag wavers at work who were saying they were going to kill me because they didn’t like my anti-war and anti-fascist beliefs. They had told me twice they were going to kill me. I was going to take my rifle and go put them both on ice, but my brother talked me out of what would have I think been a murder charge. He talked me into handling it the right way, documenting their behavior, getting them fired and arrested and suing them. His attitude that saved me was to remind me to always be peacefull until someone attacks. Then you can you whatever you feel you need to do. My going off and shooting them would not have accomplished any good. He, almost of his own self, made me a far better person. After his death, I came upon Billy Jack on youtube, and I watched the movie and thought wow, my brother was this character incarnate. I have no money right now but will buy all the films when I do. I want to see them all. Saw Billy Jack complete but only bits of the others. Never realized what a difference they had made to so many until I asked a couple friends about them. I always gave great credit to good film makers for changing our world for the better. I always loved The films of Capra, Ford, Lucas, and spielberg, Karate kid Films.Now I will add Tom Laughlin and the Billy Jack films to that great list. I saw a few cenematic issues ttypical to a small budget but thought overall that Billy Jack was beautifully made. I really think the critics that downed it downed it for political and racial and other prejudicial reasons. Bless you Tom and Delores for these films. So,I can say I knew a Billy Jack Before I ever saw Billy Jack. And because of that Billy Jack, I am a bit of a Billy Jack. I know how he feels. Sometimes when I see scum running around bullying and oppressing people, I just go bezerk. My Billy Jack, Like the movie one, Learned to control that when it’s not appropriate though. Oh. My brother saved me from drowning once too. I would add this advice. Dont just love the movies, be a Billy jack for someone.

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  7. John Tomlinson

    Billy Jack Stories
    The Marines landed on the beach at Mogadishu, Somalia on the third of December 1992, and I landed at Mogadishu airport on twenty first of December 1992.

    I assisted the Marines on their missions until my unit came over on twenty sixth of January 1993, the Marines had lost five men while serving in Somalia.

    Because of my background I was put in charge of Port Security by Battalion, and took my orders directly from Battalion, I never lost a man but my partner was shot one night and two of my people were injured from a pipe bomb explosion.

    Our orders were not to give food to the locals, and if caught giving food would be punishable by UCMJ action, but our officers were hiring locals to work in the Port area and they paid them two MRE’s and two bottles of water a day and Battalion knew this and said nothing.

    The local homeless children would often gather at the main gate and beg for food, (I can still hear them, monjo monjo America monjo) monjo means food.

    A few times while working at the main gate, I would lean my MRE against the gate where the kids could reach it, the children kept begging me for my MRE, I simply replied; Battalion had told us not to give you any food, so I cannot give it to you, then I winked at them, the children then reached in-between the bars and grabbed my meal and ran.

    I was caught by my 2nd Lieutenant and he warned me not to do that again, I then simply informed him that I only put my meal there to get warmed by the Sun because we were not given heater packs with our meal, but my Lieutenant knew what I did and why and he also knew I had a good argument so he left it alone.

    I was also put in charge of training the local Somalia Police and as a result I often met with the Somalia Sherriff, the Sherriff often told me that I was the only one he trusted because I showed his people proper respect and that was the reports he was getting back from all his officers.

    The Sherriff often asked me to come to his home for dinner and to meet his family, I simply told him it was against orders from Battalion.

    Watching the Billy Jack movies taught me that you should respect everyone no matter their race color or beliefs, now look if the locals broke the laws I would arrest them but first I gave them a warning to let them know what the laws were and that I would enforce them, and I did make a few arrests while there, and Battalion paid the local court system two cases of MRE’s and two cases of water per day that they held court which was twice a month.

    This is a true and accurate story and I have many more and some include missions with involving the Marines.

    Sincerely SGT. Tomlinson, John

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  8. John Tomlinson

    I have several stories, I will give you one and if you like it I have more, I would think that from my stories you could make several movies or even a television series.

    I don’t really care about the money though but how about some beads and blankets, I live in Indiana and it gets cold in the winter here or at least it used too.

    I’m part Cherokee

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  9. My Billy Jack Lesson
    By: Mary Jo Brunette, Farmington, MN
    The main lessons I’ve learned from watching the BJ series are “acceptance” and “love” for all humanity, albeit, in our personal lives or business walk. Its theme song, One Tin Soldier, could be an anthem, as it tells it like it is, “Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name Heaven; you can justify it in the end. There won’t be any trumpets blowing come the judgment day on the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away.” If that isn’t a lesson, I don’t know what is. It reminds me of God’s Golden Rule: do onto others as you’d like to be done onto you.
    Another fine lesson from the film is Billy’s message that he shared with Jean, while Jean concerns herself with what is about to happen to her kids. “What is going to happen tomorrow is going to happen and all your worry in the world isn’t going to change anything. Come on, smile.” Once again, this is so god-like, in that God also tells His followers to not fret over worries, such as in Matthew 6: 25-27. I tell you this, do not worry about tomorrow. For like the birds of the fields, God gives them food when they have no idea where there next meal will come from. Are you not more important to the Father than mere birds?” And in conclusion, as verse 35 points out: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” I rather consider that verse very “Billy Jack-like,” poignant, specific, and true.
    I personally believe that God’s Holy Spirit granted these messages, via Tom and Delores’ lips, representative of Christ, instructing further Biblical-type lessons for our modern times. I might take it a step further and note that perhaps God used Mr. and Mrs. Laughlin as mouthpieces of wisdom. Perhaps I’d take it a step further and say they are modern-day prophets; where the Bible left off, modern prophets of today continue to distribute Godly affirmations, similar to priests in a church—like wise modern-day forecasters to reach the youth of the world.
    I, for one, am grateful that they’ve used their wisdom to help benefit the youth of this world. Thanks Tom and Delores for sharing your voices and being “our voice.”

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  10. casper

    dang! i discovered this site two years too late! ive got great stories for billy jack! it is now march 25 2012. oh well.

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  11. Jeff Dreisin

    I saw Billy Jack as first run film at the Sunny Isles theater in North Miami Beach. Thoroghly enjoyed it. I must have been 16 or 17. I’ve seen it since and still enjoyed it though can see some of its problems cinematically. Still its strengths make the watching worth it. It is also a bit too idealistic but then that was the timber of the times. In reading the recollections of the other storytellers and other comments at various sites I agree that the scenes involving Billy’s fighting a number of men at one time or coming in at the right moment and going “berserk” in about as satisfying a way as one could imagine, there is one scene that I think is more important and more grounded and yet more quiet than the others. It is the scene in which, and forgive me for not recalling all the characters’ names here, it’s been a while, Posner and his guys are held at bay by the young woman with the rifle so that Martin can get away. She is then held at gun point and when Billy comes upon the scene, he is told to drop his gun or the girl will be killed. This is standard fare in thousands of cop movies or just gun-play movies in which there is a hostage. I’ve never understood why anyone ever gives up their gun. usually the implication, sometimes the explication, is that the hostage’s death would somehow be on the “rescuer’s” head. I never understood that. In this movie, and thankfully, this was finally turned on its head and Billy tells the guy to kill her. There was even a comedic tone to it because it all turns out alright for her making the death of Martin even more poignant. But the responsibilty is placed squarely on the shoulders of the guy holder under gunpoint AS IT SHOULD BE. I’ve only seen that scene done the same way in one other movie I can no longer recall years after Billy Jack and decades ago.I have told countless people about just this scene as an illustration of the importance of placing responsibilty where it belongs. well done.
    The other moment that was again well grounded was the scene in which Martin is killed, not because he is killed but because Bernard and his friend are “offended” that Martin should actually be shooting back to defend himself. If there is an openning into the nature of prejudice, it is here at this moment of the film.
    And I can’t say that it helped the story though I understand why do it but thanks for having the improv group the Committee doing that bit of street theater. I cracked up at that bit the last time I saw it and I knew what was coming. i remember all the actors from their scenes and it is a good archive of their earlier work.

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  12. My mother took me to see Billy Jack when I was 10 years old. It changed my life forever. I wanted to know everything about Billy Jack & began researching from an early age. The first thing I wanted to know is “Was Billy Jack REAL” or was he just a character in a movie. It did not take long to realize Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin was very much a humanitarian, activist and stand up guy. I wanted to be like him. I signed up for martial arts when I was a teen ager with Billy Jack on the brain. I knew in my heart that if I was going to be taking stands in life in the future that I would face much opposition & possibly threats so the “black belt club” looked better every year to me. In the 8th grade, I watched a muscle bound fellow making threats to an over weight kid in junior high after lunch in the break area. He was the biggest kid in school and looked as though he could bench press a mack trucks transmission! Something inside me snapped as I watched him push the chubby kid. I walked up to him and asked him if he’d like to push me like that? I was nose to nose showing no fear whatsoever and have to admit…the image of “Billy Jack” was flashing in my mind the entire time. It was a total “Billy Jack” moment to say the least. The muscle bound bully said “ you know karate or something”? I smiled & said, “Well I guess that’s just something you’re going to have to find out all on your own isn’t it”? He backed off in front of all the other kids and all of a sudden, I went from being the skinny quiet geeky kid to “Man..Kev’s the man”! The event did not turn me into the new “tough guy” of the school but it did win me respect from all my peers for years to come. Standing up for what I believe in began to grow deeper and deeper in my blood. I’ve been to jail more than a dozen times in my life for taking a stand. I’ve stood against corruption, played hard ball in the court of law with seasoned assistant District attorneys & corrupt millionaire attorneys which are not in prison and/or disbarred. I have worked tirelessly for over a decade pushing legislation to pass a house resolution bill I created to regulate the illegal black market of bone, tissue, organ and body parts harvesting & have accumulated many enemies in the process as well as death threats, my home being burned to the ground, pets killed in my own yard and someone even planted an explosive device under the hood of our family car several years ago when my campaign first began. Fortunately, my (then wife) was able to get all 3 children out of the car without being burned or harmed. I can honestly say, I have drawn strength from knowing Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin and every one of his films to date have inspired & motivated me to become a better human being, father, activist & patriot. I have raised all my children up on Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr & Tom Laughlin & happy to report that every one of my kids are stand up, say it like it is, passionate & caring human beings. Thank you for the years of inspiration. This is Kevin Curtis & I approve this message :)

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  13. Billy Capell

    My Dad is William Jack Capell, Sr. I am William (Billy) Jack Capell, Jr. The first time I saw Billy Jack was with my Dad when I was about 10 years old (~1975 or 6)and we watched it together on tv. I though it was so cool to watch such a cool move with MY NAME! To my delight my Dad and I watched it again the other day on Netflix. To make it even better. We watched it with my son, William (Billy) Jack Capell, III!!!!!!!!
    3 generations of “Billy” Jacks!

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  14. Kathy Keithley

    I first saw Billy Jack at the Temple Theater in Temple City, CA in 1971. I was 11 years old. I came from a rather conservative family. This was the first time I had ever seen a story demonstrating unconditional love and standing up for what you believed in. It rocked my world. To this day-it’s still my all time favorite film.

    I related to the kids. I longed to have someone in my life like Billy Jack and Jean. Two characters that stood by people they loved and for ideals they believed in. I related to the theme song-“One Tin Soldier”-to this day I still get teary when I hear it.

    Last summer, I had the honor of speaking to Mr. Laughlin. to be able to share w/ my man who created, directed, produced, and portrayed this character-what a thrill! Additionally, I was able to connect with Jinx Dawson-lead singer of Coven-who sang OTS so beautifully.

    I know that the Laughlin’s have been trying to produce a new Billy Jack film. That would be a dream come true.

    Thanks for this site as well as FB and the official Billy Jack site. It’s wonderful after all these years to have a place to connect with others on a film that has meant so much to so many.


    Kathy Keithley
    Chatsworth, CA

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  15. billy jack stanley

    Yes hi my name is billy jack cause I was named after the movie I’m a 23 yr old male that lives in oh but born in wv but still full blooded hillbilly my name has impact my life a lot because people would twist it and call me bl*wj*b all my life and still do. But it don’t matter to me because I’m going to take this left foot and put it across the right side of your face. Gosh that’s one of my favorite parts. All the older mature people that seen the movies that’s what they always say to me when I tell them my name and that’s why I think I should get a movie because I’ve lived with the name all my life thank you very sincerly yours Billy Jack

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  16. Dave Potter

    When I was young, I moved to a new school in a different city. It was hard, many people bullied me and I did not know how to react. Therefore, I fought, right or wrong, I just did not know any other way to make it stop. After a few fights, people did not want to tease or bug me anymore. After a short while, another new child came to school. He was Asian, and much smaller than me. He had no way of stopping it. I knew how he felt and could not let them treat him this way. I walked up to the kids that were abusing him and told them to leave him alone. They said, “Were not bugging you!” I said, “Anything you say to him is the same as you saying it to me and the same result will come your way!” They stopped bugging him. This was always in me and ever since I have always tried to stand up for those that needed help. I honestly do not know if I had seen the movie yet. I will say this, I have no doubt while our numbers are few, I am not alone. The memory of this movie reminds me of this. It would be nice if we could all get together and make a statement of some kind, something powerful and lasting.
    Be good to each other; be strong when it is hardest, it is the most important time to stay strong. If we cannot all get along then take a stand and sacrifice whatever is necessary to make people civilized and bring us back to being humane beings again (that’s not a typing mistake.)

    Keep well
    Dave Potter

    P.S. I know the “competition” is over, I just wanted to share.

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  17. Michele Kalbas

    Here is my story its not much But I remember Billy Jack being at our theatre for a few weeks and every Saturday I would take my allowance and go with my friends to see Billy Jack as many times as we could get away with! We wanted to be on that bus when they went to town! we wanted to be at the freedom school and be a Rainbow made of Children. We loved Billy Jack and Jean they understood us !!!!

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  18. Daniel Gallant

    Billy Jack,

    When I was young my father used to tell me he was gonna take his right foot and put right tehre on left side of my face and there was not a damned thing I could do about it. He was right I could not do anthing about it.

    I hated that saying, after all the old man would literally do it. I was under ten and he was over 6 ft tall and drunk. Was a horrible time for me. I hated that saying.

    Then at the age 14, 2 years after I left home me and a few friends were watching Billy Jack. They were Indians; they love dthis action hero. They used to comment how Billy Jack was a reservation HERO. We would laugh about it alot. This is when I realized my old man must have liked Billy Jack but misunderstood him.

    Later on in life, actually at the age 31, 4 years ago I came across these movies online with information that a NEW Billy Jack release came out. Billy Jack Goes To Washington. I was Excited!!! Then I got to further reflect on Billy Jacks Foot. I understood the metaphor it was about. Willing to connect with the earth and stand in protection for land, language and culture in the face of an oppressor.

    I was well into my Degree in University (as I am a late bloomer). My degree is in First Nations Studies (Indigenous Studies) which I focus on Native American Post-Colonial Psychology and is now the direction towards my Masters Graduate Degree. Well, I was in a class that was about the Indian Image in Film. Unfortunately Billy Jack was not included in this class.

    I was sure disappointed after all my prof was an older ex-hippie that adheres to Cree Culture and spirituality, alike me. So I reminde dhim about Billy Jack and how there was a recent NEW realease of Billy Jack.

    This Dialogue spun into several class discussions. This ended up stratifying classes that included Indigenous policy, western theory, Film class, Aboriginal spiritual philosophy and many other political topics around COLONIZATION. It is amazing the amount of issues that are stratified within this movie.

    To think in an era of genocidal, etho-cidal and murderous social policies in Canada and USA with a great white wash of propaghanda launched against the FIRST NATIONS of the Great AMercian Continents there came a movie that maintains a reflection of the chance and possibility that someone somehwere was paying attention and was well aware of atrocities against the FIRST PEOPLES of this great TURTLE ISLAND.

    I am inspired by the insight of this saga. I am touched by the compassion for the human spirit of these characters. I am pleased to see a peaceful warrior who is willing to fight for the OPPRESSED, no matter who they are!

    For the sake of this story I would also like to add that I gre up in a racist culture. A culture that maintains, even today, a SOCIAL POLICY that racializes the Indigenous peoples, that maintains a program of EUGENICS based methodology in substantiating and enforcing this policy. A culture that allowed the systemic rape and abuse of FIRST NATIONS’ CHILDREN in RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS up until the early 1980s. A culture that prohibited, jailed and hung ‘INDIANS’ just for being ‘indian’, talking ‘indian’ and performing ‘indian’ ceremonies. I come from a racist culture rooted in racist ideology; but I am no longer a racist. Billy Jack, believe it or not has walked with me in part of my journey; surely he will walk with me the rest of the way as a REFLECTION of our socio-political cultural dynamic that exists today.

    In Canada 20 years ago we had the OKA standoff. Thisresult din a death from shootings of POLICE STATE in QUEBEC. We have many other incidents that are documented and discussed in our Universities and in some discourse as well.

    All of these things combined bring me to reflect on my relationship that I have with the character, the movie and the spirit of the story of BILLY JACK. He is my brother.


    Daniel Gallant
    Prince George, BC, Canada

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    • Michael Appel

      Frank – ship Daniel a Blu-ray AND The Complete Billy Jack Collection boxed set and autograph both for him.

      Michael Appel

      Current score: 3
  19. […] Laurie! And thank you for the wonderful story. Your new copy of the fully-restored ‘Billy Jack’ is on its way to […]

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  20. I remember a discussion of the Billy Jack movie when it first came out. I was in a class called, Current Affairs in High school and I remember how our teacher just raved about the movie. I think his comment was, It makes you want to grap a shot gun, jump on your motorcycle and sdhoot the first redneck you see.”

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    • admin

      Thanks, Michael. We certainly appreciate your teacher feeling the moving was worth raving about. It got that a lot. Still does. But we’d have to have a chat with him about the solution he came up with. Kind of not what we were going for. But for being fed up with intolerance, right on! :-)

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  21. Me and “Billy Jack” have come a very long way since the summer of 1971, just before my 10th birthday, that was when my little brother and I first watched …. and second, third, four and fifth time. There was such a buzz at school about this movie, I saved my lawn mowing money to go see this movie. All I knew about the movie was it had something to with a half breed native american Indian man standing up against the authorities of the day. Being a Cree Indian from northern Alberta, living in Ontario, Canada… that’s all I needed to know.

    I we arrived at the theater for first showing on this one beautiful Saturday morning and stayed, never leaving, until the last show ended around 11 pm. We had spent almost all our money on popcorn and other snack food items throughout the day.
    When it came time to catch the bus back home, we were short 15 cents and began begging. A police officer came and asked what we were doing, after we explained about the movie…. of course we both filled him in on every part of Billy Jack until finally he said “Don’t say anymore, you guys are ruining it for me” The policeman put his flashing lights on and stopped the last bus on the road, put us on and told the Bus driver to make sure we got home safely.
    It’s amazing when I recall this incident and now realize the lasting impressions that have been etched into my mind because of Billy Jack.

    In the movie, Billy Jack reminded me of my own Father, I had not seen in 5 years, at the time… and never seen alive again … as he too fell victim to fowl play at the hands of RCMP.
    Billy Jack and cast had become my very own hero/family that had inspired me to join Judo then Karate. Through the many foster homes I had been shuffled through, I could always escape back to the summer of ’71. In many ways, Billy Jack and Cast, had save this little Indian boy from god knows what.

    I’m so incredibly grateful to the family and the close friendship, I now she with Christina Laughlin for this opportunity to share my story of Billy Jack.
    Thank you to Delores Taylor and of course Tom Laughlin for having the courage to pursue the dream of “Billy Jack” and please know, your efforts will always remain alive and well in my heart.

    Laurie Gaucher
    Calgary, Alberta

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    • Michael Appel

      Excellent story. Very touching. Thank you for sharing it.

      Current score: 3
    • Lp Ottawa

      WOW almost identical to my story.
      Same thing, walked in at the first showing at 1pm with my sister and brother and left alone at the last viewing at midnight.
      But by this time my siblings had left after the first showing ended and we fought for me to leave with them…they loss…I Just Went BEZERK.(not realy,more like a tantrum to stay)
      (actually there was 2 movies showing ..billy jack and the second I can’t recall its title.. it was a black martial arts/shaft type of movie.One black mac that would beat the crap out of pimps etc….Billy Black LOL good movie

      All alone and fifty cents to my name.
      After the last showing a little bit after midnight I left the theater only to be asked “are you Lp” by the police and was escorted back to my home.(no punishment – I did go to the movies) ask the cops lol

      The fighting scene in the park was recreated 1000 time taking turn between me and my best friend ..I was Billy Jack then he was Billy jack…Incredible movie
      Thank You Laughlin family for having the guts to produce these films. True Inspiration.

      Billy Jack Goes To Washington is a must see.
      I have never seen a raw blow by blow in your face behind the scene political movie like this before.
      it explains to you the process and how corrupt the political game is.

      Current score: 0
  22. Joe Koeppen

    This is one of my Billy Jack stories:
    In 1974 Tom, Dody and the family were going to be in Milwaukee for the Wisconsin premier of The Trial of Billy Jack. The night before we received a call from Tom saying he needed us at the premier to help with crowd control. The previous day at another opening the Laughlin’s were signing autographs before the showing and were literally backed in to a corner by adoring fans. For safety concerns he wanted me and my brothers to be with him so the situation would not happen again. Being 18 years old, a senior in high school you could not ask to be in a better position then in the spotlight as apart of the security team. I told everyone I knew to be there and I could give them little special attention when they met Tom, Dody, TC, and Frank. That day I left school early, just beaming with pride to get ready to be apart of Hollywood extravaganza right here in Milwaukee. As we got to the theater Tom motioned for us to come over by him. We started to make our way through what seemed like thousands of people to the stage that was set up for the autograph signing. “Make way, give us room” I was shouting over the screams of the fans. The testosterone was flowing through me like a run away freight train. The news media was there, cameras flashing like the 4th of July fire works, and I would be up on stage thinking I was one bad ass dude. As we got to the stage Tom told my brothers where to go and what he wanted them to do, he turned to me and said, “Joe you have the most important job” I was flying on cloud 9 ready to take on the world when he said, “Here is some money take your little cousin to get something to eat and keep her safe and away from the crowds”. I turned and looked and there was my darling, adorable little 5 year old cousin Christina. Though I knew this was important and should have felt honored that Tom believe and trusted me to keep Chrissi safe, all I could think of was Damn I have to baby-sit my little cousin. I would have been king at my school the next week being up on stage, having everyone I told seeing me there or on the news or in the paper, but no one saw me. I was running around chasing my energetic little cuz trying to keep her from getting into anything and everything. My fifteen seconds of fame never came. 30 plus years later my little cuz is just as adorable and sweet as she was when she was 5.
    – Cuz Joe”

    Current score: 3
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