Billy Jack is Coming Back!

To TV that is…

Showtime in the U.S. (and Astral in Canada) are about to begin the first airings of the Billy Jack movies in almost a decade. We’re very excited to have the films back in ‘circulation’. In addition, it’s the first time any of the films other than ‘Billy Jack’ will be seen in HD. It’s taken a lot of work, but we thank you Showtime!

PS: Also showing are ‘The Master Gunfighter’ and ‘The Young Sinner’, Tom Laughlin’s second film made in 1958 featuring the screen debut of Stephanie Powers.


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  1. Mary

    I just saw Billy Jack on IFC. It was great to see it again after 40 years.
    I wondered on and off over the years when it would be shown on T.V.
    When I was young I lived behind a movie theatre, and me and my friends would sneek into the back exit and watch Billy Jack over, and over again. We did this the whole time the movie showed at the theatre. This happened before they would make you leave the movies after you saw it once.
    When I saw it tonight It brought back good memories of my childhood. Plus the movie had a good message in my opinion.
    I hope IFC will show all the Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) movies.
    BTW, IFC stands for “Independent Film Channel” which I believe these movies were.

    Current score: 7
  2. Thomas Matthews

    It’s great to see Billy Jack movies back,the US needs heroes in the world to look up to and actors and movies that teach our children to stand up for they’re rights and the rights of others,being Amish and Indian I am very happy to see that people get a chance to know the love they should be given and that all people should be treated with respect and to learn indian heritage and worship serimonies!! I would like to know how to get the Billy Jack series of movies to share with my children and my congregation at the church I teach Sunday school at!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!! I hope to hear back from you soon Thanks Tom Matthews!! GOD BLESS TOM LAUGHLIN and Family!! Theresa you’re a great actress!!

    Current score: 5
  3. Years ago when I first viewed these Movies , the “INSPIRATION & VALUES ” that were “Taught ” in these Films will last a Lifetime . . .they have for Me anyway! The Martial Arts . .. you displayed ( Billy Jack alias Tom Laughlin & Delores Taylor were “EPIC” so much so I started practicing , and to this day I still am a Practitioner! However, more importantly were the Life Lessons & Values , you brought before your audience. . .Integrity , Honesty, Motivation, & Standing Up for what one believes , all Lessons which are still with me today! Thank you Tom Laughlin , Delores Taylor and all the Billy Jack Cast! “Second Tin Soldier” PS. I plan on buying some articles from your web sight in the near future , but I was really wondering about the “MUSIC” of the movies . . .is it available? Thank you God Bless! Patrick Eschenfelder!

    Current score: 4
  4. Maria Paz

    Dear Tom I was just a young teen when I saw your movies at the cinema, I came from Cuba in 1969 and was 10 years old I’ll soon be turning 55 in July and I’ve always been a Billy Jack Fan my wonderful Father ( he passed 7 years ago) used to take Me to see all your movies we both loved them and ever since when they were on television just finished watching The original and still love it like I did the first time and happy they will be showing them again Congrats….My Love for The American Indians was sealed even more by your films and I Thank You for that ….It would have been a pleasure to have met you but know in Me you have had a longtime Fan same as my Father was….My Dads last name means Peace in English a name I have always loved for It’s meaning…Happy Bday..Paz Be with you Always Maria

    Current score: 2
  5. I first say Billy Jack in my early teens…I’m 54 now, and I still love this movie.
    Having one man, with the courage to stand up to all, had a profound effect on me.
    It’s probably the main reason I enlisted and went to Special Forces…
    This movie, and Tom Laughlin have helped guide my hand and made me a better man than I could’ve been without them..
    If young people are able to view this movie, perhaps it can AGAIN change things for them.
    Tom, I wish you TRUE Peace, where ever you are….

    Current score: 4
  6. Malea Jonas

    I am very excited that the Billy Jack films are going to be on the Showtime network for our viewing. These were my favorite movies as a teenager, and am looking forward to watching them with my grandchildren.
    There are lessons to be learned and these movies have done a tremendous job bringing the rights (or the lack thereof) for the Native Americans. Along with so many other predjudices that are and have been allowed in this country, and are still being swept under the rugs. Hopefully the younger generation will be able to succeed in doing the right thing by ALL AMERICANS, not just the ones who have the “background”,”life style” or belong to the “ethnic groups” believed to be acceptable in their minds because of the teachings they were raised with.

    Current score: 2
  7. Samantha

    Astral is not shown everywhere here so it’s a good thing I got my 4 Billy Jack DVD’s. I would love to see Master Gunfighter sooner or later, I like to watch Barbara Carerra in most things. Maybe eventually they’ll show it on TCM or AMC.

    Current score: 1
  8. Patches

    Billy Jack & The Trial was the 1st film i ever saw at the movies. I was 15 when i saw it and im 46 now. I have seen thousands of movies sence then and “NO ONE” has even come
    close to being as good! Tom, you inspired me to not be cruel
    to people, even though they have been to me.
    BJ & The Trial are the best played out movies that has ever
    been made of the white man & indians. It shows how different
    our worlds are. Im a Native of the Cherokee Reservation, N.C.
    and i respect people, and i want to be respected back.
    Thanks Tom for showing were all Gods Children. I will vote
    for 1# “BILLY JACK FOR PRESIDENT” Any Day!!! the Love of my
    life!!! God Bless, Love Ya!

    Current score: 6
  9. Danny

    These NEED to be played CMT and Spike TV. It would definitely find a new audience there. I’m amazed CMT and Spike aren’t begging to play Billy Jack marathons.

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  10. melissa mccarley

    I first saw billy jack when I was only eight or nine years old. Billy jack became my first hero. Recently I had the opprotunity to watch it again with my daughter and that ment a lot to me. And you know something after all these years billy jack/tom laughlin is still my number 1 hero. Thanks for all you do.

    Current score: 6
  11. Brian S. Byrne

    I was 8 years old living in Colorado with my mother when I was walking by a drive in movie park at sunset the movie had just started.

    With only the sound from the speakers from paying patrons could I hear the dialog. My friends talked and joked around and I could barely hear what was going on in the film. It was the scene where Tom delivered that “kick heard round the world” to that mans face that made me run home and tell my mom she had to take me to see this movie.

    The following movies made the same statement, and I have them all on DVD. Now at the ripe old age of 49, they still have meaning to me and I look forward to the documentary.

    “Find me that place Jean…THAT ONE PLACE, where men truly care and love one another.”

    Brian S. Byrne

    Current score: 3
  12. greg

    We need to let Tom and Deloris relax. They are not making another movie. The last movie made was Billy Jack Goes To Washington. Some footege was shot for a comeback movie in 85 and 86, but never was completed into a movie. His website showed a few clips and they were neat. But the film was never finished. Frank, youve gotta be older then me know and Im 45,,geez,,give it up. let the old man rest. Maybe you could still go to night school.

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  13. mary doud

    now my grandchildren can watch some of the greatest acting ever and the best movie ever

    Current score: 2
  14. Uri Scharfenstein

    Did you know the ‘Real BILLYJACK’ exists and is not Tom Laughlin and if you wanted a bigger story, send me an E-mail and I can connect you to his wife. They would like to sign with Mark Wahlberg also.

    Current score: 3
    • Malea Jonas

      I would love to learn more about the “real” Billy Jack, so if you could lead me to any web sites or people who know thw real family please let me know. Thank You so very much.

      Current score: 1
  15. Samantha

    I have born losers, billy jack, trial of billy jack and billy jack goes to washington on dvd. really too bad I don’t have them signed by Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor but that would never be. But I always wanted to see Master Gunfighter if I remember right Barbara Carrera is in it? And Sandra Egol. Athough I also have the gidget collection and I gotta say Tom Laughlin as loverboy is very funny.

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  16. Edward Emmell

    Where and what is TOm Laughlin doing today. I also heard he is a christian? Looking forward to hearing from you. I enjoyed all Tom Laughlin’s movies. And from what I read about him he is a good person. THank-you God Bless Edward

    Current score: 2
  17. Kimberly

    Billy Jack is Coming Back…AWESOME!! These films had such an impact on me as a young child, for the better!!! I had the great pleasure of meeting Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor and their daughter Teresa in the mid 70’s during a Rob Reiner tennis tournament at the La Costa Country Club (now La Costa Resort & Spa) in Carlsbad, CA…it was a moment in time that I will never forget, they were the most warm, kind and gracious people I have ever met! Getting back to “Billy Jack is Coming Back”, I did notice that one film appears to be missing from the line-up, that film is “The Born Losers”…is there a particular reason why this film is not a part of the “Billy Jack is Coming Back” line-up? It is an important “Billy Jack puzzle piece”. :-)

    Current score: 9
    • jim

      Kimberly i agree BORN LOSERS is without a doubt a very important movie to go along with all the other BILLY JACK movies that Mr.Laughlin has portrayed. I would gratefully appreciate Info in obtaining all his films

      Current score: 1
  18. lucy

    I loved it when I was younger. And now at 50 I found it on tv again and still love it.

    Current score: 9
  19. michele


    I will be watching for it! Now more people can see how great BillyJack is!!:)

    Current score: 6
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