Billy Jack Goes to Washington: Grand Canyon Shoot

Billy Jack Goes to Washington is an updated remake of the Frank Capra classic Mr Smith Goes to Washington, with James Stewart. Most of the film takes place in Washinton, D.C., but there are early scenes in the film that are set in the typical Billy Jack setting of the Southwest. In this scene Billy Jack discusses with Grandfather whether he should accept the appointment to the U.S. Senate.

These scenes were shot with a skeleton crew. Tom flew out a skeleton crew of about six to eight people and filmed spectacular Grand Canyon footage in a quick day.

Billy walks with Grandfather along the edge of the Grand Canyon in Billy Jack Goes to Washington.

4 Responses to Billy Jack Goes to Washington: Grand Canyon Shoot
  1. billy jack goes to washington is a great movie. i loved it and should be a mandatory requisit viewing before all graduating high school or college students can recieve their degrees or diplomas.

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  2. Lori

    The grand canyon scene was nice. But overall I did not like this Billy Jack flick.

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  3. casper

    these shots and those in the opening of THE TRIAL OF BILLYJACK, are stunning, gorgeous images. very impressive, very effective. not even dennis hopper pulled off such majestic scenery with EASY RIDER, which was shot on some beautiful locations…..just my humble opinion.

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  4. Bob

    Looking forward to seeing these great films again.
    Appreciate more now than then the fine directig acting and location cinematography.

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