The ‘Billy Jack’ Documentary
The totally insane story behind the most independent movie ever made

  • interviews with the filmmakers Tom Laughlin & Delores Taylor
  • interviews with industry luminaries that were invloved
  • never-seen-before footage and photos from the films

The hat, the Hapkido Karate, Jinx Dawson’s incredible version of ‘One Tin Soldier’, the native american spirituality (and hero), the improv, the Corvette and the lake, and that famous right-foot line (and kick!), all became icons for an entire generation.

Four decades after its release, most people can still recall where they were and who they were with when they saw ‘Billy Jack’ for the first time.

But, for all its success and legend, the story behind the making and eventual mega-success of ‘Billy Jack’ is one of the most amazing film stories in Hollywood history. A true rags-to-riches american success story of inspiration, determination, and faith.

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