About Billy Jack Rights, LLC

Billy Jack Rights, LLC., recently acquired worldwide rights in the films created by Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor.

Our focus is on finding strong licensing partners in order to re-establish these films in all markets worldwide, including: TV/cable, home video (DVD and Blu-ray), digital download, on-demand, clip licensing, music licensing, music sales, and merchandising of all kinds. If you are interested in licensing any of the films, or elements from the films, please contact us via the form at right. We look forward to discussing your proposed project.

Thanks for your interest!

Billy Jack Rights, LLC., is a privately held California corporation owned and controlled exclusively by the children of Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor, the stars and creators of the Billy Jack films. The proceeds of BJR supports Tom and Delores, and provides educational funding for their 5 grandchildren.

An early meeting of Billy Jack Rights, LLC. owners: TC Laughlin (guitar), Christina Laughlin (carrot), Frank Laughlin (hair) in a motorhome on the set of Trial of Billy Jack in the Arizona desert, 1972.