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Screen Capture of Google search for 'Billy Jack', March 14, 2011

BillyJackRights.com has become the #7 website for the search term “Billy Jack” on Google! We’re very excited about this. As a family-owned, family-run, family-funded website, this is quite an accomplishment in a few short months. (Try getting a startup website onto Google’s first page and you’ll know what we mean. :-))

We are getting close to making some additional exciting announcements, so stay tuned. And thank you all for all your incredible support. The emails and comments are sincerely appreciated.

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  1. Frank, that’s so cool. I’m not sure if you remember me, but you and I corresponded in the early Nineties in email. (At that time I lived in Carson City, NV, but now I live in Minnesota.) At that time you were getting prepared to bundle the four DVD set, and I and my niece Theresa were two of your original purchasers. We’ve been HUGE fans of both your parents and TC’s, ever since first viewing the BJ films. We’ve never had the privilege of meeting your dad, for that I feel truly sad, but did meet your mom on Halloween night, Oct 1987. She was very kind and spent close to an hour talking to us, sharing memories of the BJ films. I have two photos of our meeting on my FB site: http://www.facebook.com/mary.j.brunette. Feel free to take a look, and I’d love an add from either you or your sister’s FB accounts.

    GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY in this great time of lose. I will forever miss your dad!

    Much love, Mary Jo, Twin Cities, MN

    Mary Jo

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  2. It’s good to know thr family has rights awesome. I remember watching Billy Jack at theater in Calgary . We cheered it dealt with a lot of issues that r relevant today. That shows not much has changed. Not totally true people in the middle east. area r fighting fpor freedom speeech,demonstrate peacefully, vote for goverment by the people .& for the people. Bullying , racism, family violence, include violence against women..600 + Native women in Canada who have murdered or gone missing (Lethbridge Herald) it would bef great to have a Tom Laughlin weekend special on TCM or special DVD box set .

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  3. casper

    i would be pleased if these films could reach sortta the same status as the Beatles-i mean, in that new generations are turned on to them and love them as the generation before. every generation can be entertained by and learn something valuable from these films.

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  4. Joni

    I want to thank you for the great Billy Jack movies. Each one sends a message to learn by.

    More young adults could learn a lot from your movies.

    I own the collection and could watch them everyday.

    Tom and Delores, thank you and God Bless

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  5. Awesome!

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  6. michele

    Congrats on this great news!!! I’m so glad that your parents know how much their films mean to everyone. How are they doing? You website is AWESOME you are so funny !!

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